Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Summoner Wars in the Geek Madness Tourney

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Every year, while the NCAA holds its "March Madness" basketball tournament, holds its own Geek Madness Tournament, with its own top 64 "teams" -- games, rather -- which face each other in a single-elimination tournament based on popularity. 

Geek Madness brackets

Although Summoner Wars has been nominated for the tournament the last two years, this is the first year that it made it!  (The "Combo" means that all SWs entries -- the starter sets and Master Set -- were combined into a single entry.)  

Summoner Wars' tourney bracket

The voting in this tournament is very simple: for each pairing, click on the green thumb icon for the game that you would rather win, if you have a preference.  (To vote, you have to have a BGG account and be signed in to it.) 

BGG Thumb icon

Despite the fact that SWs has a higher seed than its current opponent -- 24 vs. 41 -- it is currently trailing in the votes: 287 to 329 as I write.  So let's show how popular Summoner Wars is, and bring out the vote!  There isn't much time:

This round ends Thursday, March 14th, in the evening BGG time (Central).