One wonderful aspect of Summoner Wars that many players aren't even aware of is the backstory and lore associated with the game. Written by Mr. Bistro, each Summoner Wars unit has bio text associated with it, which tells the history of Itharia and the latest happenings in the Summoner Wars.

Tonight I just posted bios for all the champions and commons for the second summoner that have been previewed so far, as well as the longer bios for Frick and Bolvi (click the links to go to their pages directly). Torgan and Queen Maldaria bios have not yet been posted.

Sorry for the delay on these; I had to reprogram the card display to account for the fact that we now have multiple summoners. (Yes, there are still some bugs, especially for units with apostrophes in their names.) The rest of these should be up within 24 hours of the previews going up.

Enjoy some new tales of Itharia!