City of Remnants sightings have been popping up all over the internet the past couple weeks. It's been very positive buzz so far, with City of Remnants providing a lot of great fun for reviewers and early pre-orderes alike while the rest of us wait for the full stock up.

Michael Barnes of No High Scores has thrown his hat into the ring with a new review of City of Remnants. His verdict that it's potentially the game of the year! Here's part of what he had to say:

City of Remnants is a surprising design because there is a lot going on it, yet the rules set is fairly simple and easy to share with others. It’s one of those games that has just enough of everything, and doesn’t go overboard on anything. The length is right (90-120 minutes with four, and you should play it with four), the procedural density and overhead are right on the mark. In more than just one or two ways, the game puts me very much in mind of Nexus Ops, but skewing more toward a modern hybrid concept with some distinctly Eurogame ideas regarding development, resources, and long-term goals.

It’s a total package. Smart, well-considered and editorial design ideas paired up with a subtly complex combination of classical and innovative mechanics. The ass-kicking, dice-rolling genre fare works surprisingly well with the more austere Euro elements. It’s not quite the orchestral, elaborate balance that Chaos in the Old World was as this feels like more of a plebian game tuned for simple thrills, high interaction, and easily satisfying strategy. The product is on the right end of the scale with nice graphics and a distinct sense of character that drives home the sci-fi concept.

Between the smash successes of Summoner Wars and Mice & Mystics – not to mention the potential of the upcoming Bioshock game- this is a company that’s doing some outstanding in-house design. Plaid Hat is clearly engaging the development of a brand and style. Mr. Dauch and company continue to impress me with their products and I think City of Remnants fits right in line with their oeuvre. Fans will be pleased, and newcomers might be surprised at this game’s unique feel.

Definitely check out the entire review. As the positive reviews of City of Remnants keep piling up, those on the fence are moving closer to jumping over and getting this great game. You can order it from the Plaid Hat Games store (it's currently on the boat on its way here).