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Wandering Galaxy is NOW LIVE on Kickstarter! Come explore the newest board game from Jerry Hawthorne, the designer of such beloved games as Mice & Mystics, Stuffed Fables & more.



Travel through space like never before in Wandering Galaxy, the latest addition to Plaid Hat Games’ "Crossroads Game" line. One to six players will take command of a beat-up clunker, er, valuable antique spacecraft, as they set off on a world-jumping campaign, taking on jobs too dangerous (or too insane) for the average space traveler. Come aboard and fly across the galaxy today!




Save money with Crossroads Game bundles featuring Forgotten Waters and Freelancers. And don’t forget to grab some fantastic add-ons such as physical entry books, extra ship/character sheets and sleeves to protect your precious cards!



Please join us on this campaign as we navigate the world of crowdfunding for the very first time! Back now to save money and help us bring our newest and biggest Crossroads game to life!


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