If, like me,  you're constantly starved for Summoner Wars content and love talking about and rumniating over Itharian power structures, then you owe it to yourself to subscribe to the fan-led podcast (no official connection to Plaid Hat Games) A Doug's Guide to Summoner Wars.

We mentioned them in this space when they first got geared up, and now they're four episodes in. Cory Bullock, Lead Playtester for Summoner Wars, joined the guys in a recent podcast episode to discuss the Filth, and Brian, Frank, and whoever else is on each episode run the gamut from battle reports to deck building philosophies to card design analysis.

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tortugatron commented:

BTBAM! You're famous! Again!

Posted on 2013-02-20.

I LIKE TAU! commented:

I'm glad this made the news again. The podcast deserves more fame. Congrats BTBAM and KC!

Posted on 2013-02-20.

killercactus commented:

Thanks guys for the encouragement, and thanks a ton to joe and Plaid Hat for plugging us on the front page. We just wrapped recording episode 5 actually - hopefully it hits the airwaves soon!

Also, for those that listened to episode 1 - the sound quality is light years better now!

Posted on 2013-02-20.

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