If you are not familiar with BoardGameGeek.com, you should be. It is the most amazing website about board games. I'm not even going to start trying to list all the good things about it right now.

Except one. They have a small store there, where many game companies have posted small expansions, accessories or promos to their published games. Most of them are available for $5 each, including shipping.

Plaid Hat Games currently has two items there:

 1. A 2-card pack for Mice and Mystics, including Tattered Threads of Reason, and Needle Rapier. 

Mice and Mystics 2-card promo pack

 2. A 4-card pack with all 4 promo units for Summoner Wars: Khan Queso, Sairook, Khexhu, and Bodgan.  These are normally

Summoner Wars promo 4-pack

In both cases, these cards are available for free if you order the base games from the PHG store, but this is a good way for those who buy the games at their Friendly Local Game Stores to get them as well. 

Check them out!