This is Caeleb.  We have caught up with the new Cave Goblin army, and spied them in camp and in battle.  We are rather astonished at the makeup of most of Frick's forces.  He has gathered up the outcasts of Goblin society -- the dregs of the dregs, Jared quipped -- and actually made a viable army out of them. 

The Goblins who would normally be considered far too small for combat have been trained to become effective fighters anyway.  But he takes advantage of their short stature by using other units to shoot over their heads while they attack.  Or rather, to throw rocks over their heads.  We have witnessed how confusing and frustrating it can be to be fighting off someone attacking your hips and knees while someone else is flinging missiles at your head. 

Runt, Common of the Cave Goblins

On the other hand, Frick has also employed the Goblins who are so big they tend to be clumsy.  Their weapons are a variety of clubs and maces that do not require finesse, and they are strong enough to make hits hurt.  More importantly, if they start getting seriously wounded they get furious and become truly frightening in combat.  We have heard Frick give them speeches reminding them of the bullying they endured growing up -- it's no surprise that Goblins bully their misfits at least as much as humans do -- and to channel that rage into striking back at anyone who hurts them. 

Oaf, Common of the Cave Goblins

Finally, Frick has also come up with a way to use Goblins who have been crippled (whether in battle, individual fights, or at birth).  They use large hooks to ride on the backs or chests of other units as they move, after which they let go and are ready to fight.  On their own they are essentially stuck in place, but Frick has them practice extensively so that these "Clingers" can be placed right where he wants them.  They are good enough that a Clinger can swing from one unit to another and move quickly across the battlefield.  Sometimes we have seen 2 or 3 Clingers catch a ride on the same unit!

Clinger, Common of the Cave Goblins

We have a grudging respect for Frick after seeing all this, and rather mixed feelings.  On one hand, he has been very creative and seen potential where others have seen nothing.  In a sense he has exhibited the virtue of looking for the good in everyone.  On the other hand, this "virtue" has only been in the service of warfare and pillage, and is certainly not extended to other races, and perhaps not even to all Goblins.  The passion with which Frick speaks about the wrongs suffered in their lives strengthens my theory that he has been disfigured for a long time, perhaps since birth. 

We will next see what we can learn about any Champions fighting for Frick.