When we first approached the camp of the new Guild Dwarf Summoner Bolvi, we could see that something new was happening.  Visible above the rest of his forces we could see several towers, and even as we gathered intelligence about Bolvi for our first report, we could not help watching and learning about these towers as well.  We were amazed to learn that they are used in battle!  

Assault Tower, Common of the Guild Dwarves

They are not siege towers -- they are much smaller than that -- but Bolvi can summon them onto the battlefield with their crew just like Oldin does with Ballistas.  And just like the Ballista, an Assault Tower is a sturdy unit that can attack at long range, but with greater firepower.  Their biggest weakness is that they cannot move once in place, but the Dwarves have a way to work around that: they have specially trained units whose main purpose is to support the towers.  

Architect, Common of the Guild Dwarves

These Architects (as they call them) can quickly make repairs on the towers -- and Walls too -- which preserves their usefulness in the battle considerably.  But even more important than this defensive function is an offensive boon: Bolvi somehow can use Architects as a focus for summoning the towers!  We don't know how he does it, but you can see the implications: if Architects can successfully infiltrate enemy territory, an Assault Tower can be placed right in their midst, where it might wreak considerable damage.  We now have yet another new tactic that we have to prepare for.  

Until next time.

We have just learned something that mustn't wait.  Bolvi has a special tower that is as much better than the rest of the towers as Gror is better than a Guardsman.  It is much more fortified, and looks like a very tough thing to destroy.  They call it "Grundor's Tower".  We don't know who Grundor is, except that he is not Grungor.  He might be a dead hero being honored, or perhaps the designer of these towers.  At any rate, be warned.  

Grundor's Tower, Champion of the Guild Dwarves