Hey guys, I'm sitting here listening to the beginning of episode #1 of A Doug's Guide to Summoner Wars. Sounds like something you need to check out. I don't know if they have their iTunes feed up and running yet, but they do have a direct link to episode 1.

Obviously official company caveats such as "the opinions of these guys don't necessarily reflect the opinions of..." apply here, although I've gotten to hang out with both Brian and Frank a couple times and can confirm they're great guys who will do well as the Voice of the Dougs. However I'm only about fifteen minutes in while posting it so be aware they may very well declare war against Colby by the end of the episode.

If you're addicted to Summoner Wars and the discussion that surrounds it, this is the (other) podcast for you. Click here to download episode 1. Click here to go to their forum thread. We hope it's the first of many!

Update: It's now on iTunes.