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Second Summoners, T-shirts Hit the Store

Pre-order second summoners and get them a month early.

New products are in the store!

First, we have Summoner Wars T-shirts!

With art by Jason Benningfield (who was one of the winners of the Fan Art contest and who will make his debut as a Summoner Wars artist with the Vanguards second summoner), these shirts are hot off the presses. Click each image below to go to that shirt's store page.

Previews have already begun on the second summoners. (Check this space every Monday!) Now those four decks are ready for pre-order as they are being manufactured as I type. Much like the City of Remnants pre-order deal (which has expired), if you pre-order, your decks will be airshipped over here a month before wide release.

Each Second Summoner deck is a full faction deck with its own Summoner, set-up card, Champions, Commons, Walls and Event Cards. Each requires a Summoner Wars Master Set or Starter Set to play.

Each Second Summoner deck is a stand-alone faction deck, but the Commons and Champions from these decks can also be switched in and out with cards from the other releases involving those factions.

Here is a rundown of the new summoners:

Queen Maldaria is Prince Elien's mother and is the second summoner for the Phoenix Elves. Like her son, one of her strengths is dealing damage without any fear of missing. But she has a whole different set of tricks that Elien does not. The Queen has some subtle summoning powers that rival those of Holleas, and she introduces Conjurations--special units linked closely with their summoner who aren't summoned by normal means from your hand.

Torgan is the Tundra Orcs' second summoner. Although Torgan has the typical reckless and high-damage units that you're accustomedto with the Tundra Orcs, he adds more range to the faction. Some of his units, rather than relying on big stats and lots of dice, make use of the many ice walls that Torgan puts up to enhance their battle skills. And, it is said, Torgan has the ability to inspire even the most common battle fodder to great heroic acts in the name of Tundra Orc glory.

Frick leads a band of outcasts so far outside of society that they're even outcasts by Cave Goblin standards. Frick, like Sneeks, has a lot of 0-cost units in his deck. But Frick has the ability to get more out of his cheapest goblins in a way that could potentially turn the weakest units into lethal weapons. Gathered under the leadership of this one-eyed summoner, the Cave Goblins under Frick's control were never picked first in gym class, but they're ready to kill now.

Bolvi can certainly take down walls as quickly as Oldin, but as the second Guild Dwarf summoner, Bolvi adds some new twists. Bolvi's deck creates some VERY creative uses of the Summoner Wars base rules and makes you feel like you are playing a whole different game without adding hardly any new rules to keep track of. Noted on the podcast as a "tower defense"-style summoner, Bolvi summons tough, ranged towers and has a diverse event set to support and improve those towers.

Click here to go to the store and pre-order Second Summoner faction decks.

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