Update: After just 3 days, these are already sold out! More on the way soon.

One of the first things people were buzzing about when Mice and Mystics was announced (well, besides the amazing miniatures and atmosphere and gameplay) was the super-cool custom dice the game comes with.

Those dice are now available to buy on their own, either so that each player can use their own dice, or because you just want MORE MORE MORE! Or maybe because you're designing an unrelated cheese-based dice game and need some dice for prototypes.

With the first digital expansion, the story moment mp3s, and these dice, you can really trick out your Mice and Mystics base set! Keep up with PlaidHatGames.com for more information on future expansions and products for Mice and Mystics.

Click here to visit our store and order the dice, available exclusively from PlaidHatGames.com.