In an effort to keep customers as in the loop as possible on Plaid Hat Games products, we've recently instituted a system of product status icons to let you know whether an item is in stock, on the boat in manufacturing, etc. Check out the Plaid Hat Games store to see for yourself. If you mouse over the icons in the top right of each product image, you get a description of what that icon means.

This new system reflects the way Plaid Hat Games does business, in the style of the Plaid Hat Podcast, with as much transparency and information as possible for Plaid Hat Games customers. Rather than an arbitrary date or guesstimate, which will never be 100% certain, from now on you'll have the exact same information that we have, and can plan (and anticipate) accordingly.

Here's a quick rundown of what each icon means:

  • This product is readily available through and other retailers.
  • This product is in stock and is available EXCLUSIVELY in the store.
  • This product is still being designed and playtested. we have no projections on how long it will take to become available.
  • This product is currently being assembled by our manufacturer. This product will take 2-5 months to become available.
  • This product is currently on a ship on its way across the ocean.  This product will take 1-2 months to become available.
  • This product is currently shipping to customers and to distributors.  This product is available now through and will be in stores soon.
  • This product has sold out and we are having more manufactured soon.
  • This product may be printed again in the future but is not currently available.

Customer service and satisfaction is of the utmost priority for Plaid Hat Games. We hope that this new system helps us to achieve our goal of keeping our customers as informed and up to date as possible on the status of our games and accessories.