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Great Deals In Shady Places

City of Remnants Preview #2: The Black Market

Hello again, this is Isaac Vega, designer of Plaid Hat Games' newest upcoming release City of Remnants. Today's preview has to do with everyone's favorite place to shop, the Black Market. Where else can an up and coming gang leader get great deals at a fair price?

In City of Remnants, buying items from the Black Market can be a great way to give your gang the edge it's looking for. Just like recruiting, each round you will have the option to use one of your actions to buy an array of available items from the Black Market. Here are just some of the fine wares that will be available throughout the game.

As you can see from the images above, Black Market cards offer a player many different ways to boost their gang's strategy. Standard Black Market cards such as the Energy Pill allow a player an added ability to play out of their hand at the perfect time. Permanent Black Market cards such as Advanced Weapons allow the player to have a constant effect that will trigger at certain points during the game. And other Black Market cards such as the War Drone allow players to purchase a strong gang member without having to worry about bidding wars.

Another nice bonus of taking a buy action to purchase from the Black Market is the renown that is available. Each Black Market card is worth, at minimum, 1 renown. In addition to buying a Black Market card when you choose the "Buy" action, you can also purchase additional renown tokens along with it. Why is renown so important? In City of Remnants whoever has the most renown at the end of the game wins. So whatever you can do to get more of it is going to benefit you.

With so many choices available to you in City of Remnants, it's easy to forget what the Black Market has to offer. Spending a few ARC's there can truly make your gang an unstoppable force. Always be aware of what the Black Market is selling, because it could have just the thing you need that will give you the winning edge.

For more on City of Remnants continue to check out We will be posting more previews as we approach release. Feel free to comment below and if you have any questions for me you are more than welcome email me at [email protected]. Thanks for reading.

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