Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Faction Highlight: Jungle Elves

Chant your way to victory.

If you're looking for a fast and mobile faction, then the Jungle Elves are the group for you. Although not very defensive, few factions can match their potency on the offensive side of the field.

Abua Shi

Abua Shi, Summoner of the Jungle Elves, fits the theme of the Jungle Elves to a tee. Both have a lot of attack but are rarely able to survive any many assaults against them. Only the most daring and desperate player uses Abua Shi offensively unless forced to. Instead, his power, Chant of Growth, can be used on any Jungle Elf Unit to give them an extra attack that could decide the game.


The most potent common that the Jungle Elves have is the Lioneer. Able to travel across the whole board in one turn lets the Lioneer use its high attack on many an unaware enemy.


The smaller version of the Lioneer also has interesting potential. The Lioness does not use one of the three moves that your faction can take on a turn, so as many of them can move in a turn as you would want. Though be careful not to block your own units in your haste to move them into position.

Jungle Elf Archer

Even if you do though, the Jungle Elf Archer can get around this problem. Arching Shot is one of the first powers that lets you attack a unit that cannot be directly seen.

The Jungle Elf champions are also skilled with the bow. Shikwa with her Swift Shot can hit two targets in one turn or focus on only one enemy to get more attacks on them.

Makeinda Ru

Makeinda Ru is strong in the same way that Shiwka is fast. Both need good positioning to really be used well, but Makeinda gets more attacks when not moving.

Miti Mumway

The third and final champion of the Jungle Elves is also the most powerful. Summoned from blood, the tree spirit Miti Mumway is a powerful ally for Abua Shi who can trample commons and move over them. Being one of the strongest champions in all of Summoner Wars, he has the ability to use the Jungle Elf event cards in ways that often allow him to win the game single handedly.

Chant of Life

As one of the first factions that do not have any Catch Up Events, like Magic Drain or Reinforcements, strong use of Event Cards is key in order to keep Jungle Elves from being overwhelmed. Chant of Life is one of the most important Chants, as it allows some of your units to survive longer. It is most effective when used on Champions to let them live even just a turn or two more.

Chant of Haste

Also very effective with Champions is the Event Card Chant of Haste. Unlike Chant of Life though, it can be used with both Commons or Champions, moving your pack of Commons or one large Champion to get them into position.

Chant of Deception

Another way to get good positioning is with Chant of Deception. A well timed Deception can allow Abua Shi to escape for an enemy attack or can replace a weaker unit on your opponents side of the board with a more powerful one.

Chant of Salvation

The last of the Chants is the most versatile. Chant of Salvation is exactly what it sounds like. Able to reach into your deck and pull out any card that you desire, Chant of Salvation can enable you to get out a champion early to go on the offensive, pull an event card to help your units rise to their full effectiveness, or bring out an extra wall to save Abua. If used correctly this card and all of the others make the Jungle Elves one of the most mobile and powerful forces on the face of Itharia!