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What's a Gang Leader Without a Gang?

City of Remnants Preview #1: Gang Members

This is the first of several Monday previews for City of Remnants.  Check out the game page and don't miss the leader's bios and info on that page. Also, don't forget to pre-order by December 7 to get your copy airmailed a month in advance of the normal shipment.

Hello everyone. Isaac Vega here, designer of Plaid Hat Games' newest upcoming title City of Remnants. In City of Remnants, you take on the role of a gang leader. But as everyone knows you can't have a gang without members.

During your turn in a game round, you have the option of taking 6 possible actions. Recruiting is no doubt one of the most important. When you recruit you will be able to choose from an array of different gang members, which change each round. Here are some of the possible future recruits you'll get to choose from.





You'll notice from the images above that each gang member has numbers hi-lighted in different colors.


Depending on which gang color they have been recruited into, this will be their attack value. For example, if the Gambler is recruited into a green gang his attack value will be 3, but if he is recruited into a blue gang his attack value will be 2.

Although this is important to keep note of, a gang member is more than their attack value. No matter what gang they have been recruited into, a gang member also has an ability that can be used no matter what gang they are in. When building your gang, recruiting a gang member because of their ability can be more effective than recruiting them because of their attack value.


You'll also notice that some potential recruits have individual names. These guys are one of a kind and it's never a bad idea to get them on your side, even if it's just to keep them away from the other gangs just waiting to scoop them up. Remember every gang member you don't recruit opens up the opportunity for them to be used against you.

Odin Kester

Zar Tayvius

Recruiting can sometimes be a difficult task. Figuring out which gang member to recruit into your gang can seriously affect your chances of winning the game. Be cautious of bidding wars. Sometimes you can find yourself shelling quite a few ARC's for a gang member you may wish you hadn't. But don't sweat it too much, because in City of Remnants there is always a way to make your choices work out for you in the end.

Remember, in City of Remnants it's all about the choices, and although recruiting is a good one, it isn't the only way to get the renown your gang is looking for. But we will get into those later. For more on City of Remnants keep checking We will be releasing more preview articles as we get closer to launch. Feel free to comment below and if you have any questions for me you are more than welcome email me at [email protected].

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