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Summoner Wars FAQ 2.0 Published

Also, get introducted to Cory

Well, hello.

This is Cory Bullock. I've been recently given both the privilege and stunningly daunting task of being the Lead Playtester for Summoner Wars. I'm both extremely honored and incredibly excited to ensure that the game keeps up its reputation as a balanced, fun game out of the box. I also want to give a shout out to James, a good friend, for teaching me everything I've learned from him while working with him for over two years now.

That being said, one of my earliest tasks was to update the document you see below: the Summoner Wars FAQ. It's now current, up to the most recent releases, and I have every intention of maintaining this as a living document as more cards release and the Summoner Wars metagame shifts and crazy questions about crazy combos arise. If you want to know if Conjurers can destroy Vine Walls without attacking, or how badly Mind Witches gave me a headache while writing this document, or how to get the most out of the Abomination, then the latest version of the Summoner Wars FAQ is what you need.

Download FAQ Additionally, Joe's set up a new email, [email protected] that you can email directly when you've got a real stumper. I, or someone like me, will be answering those questions and sending back as prompt an answer as we can. In fact, we'll be using some of the questions that we get to help ensure the FAQ in the future is as useful for you guys as it possibly can be.

And feel free to send basic questions, too, if you're new to the game and want official answers, but don't forget that the forum is great for answering those kinds of questions, too.

Happy summoning.

Click here to download the Summoner Wars FAQ 2.0.