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Where in the world is Bodgan

An update on the shipping situation.

Hi guys I have a couple of things to report on the shipping front.  First let me say I'm really really trying to do my best and am being hit by an absolute storm of one bad thing after another here.

Mice and Mystics:  When my fulfillment agency imported thier excel sheet into UPS servers it cut off part of the sheet and not all of the orders went out 2 days ago like they were supposed to.  Also apparently email notices did not go out to let customers know their order has shipped.  So just because you didn't get a notice doesn't mean your order didn't ship.  You can contact me at [email protected] if you are getting nervous about your order.  Please include your invoice number.  I'll do what I can to keep up with the emails and let you know what I know.  I have the tracking numbers of the orders that have shipped.  We sent out all domestic orders of 1x copy of Mice and Mystics via UPS Ground as it was quickest to send them all the same way.

If you are an international customer who ordered yours went out via USPS Priority International, and you should have gotten an email letting you know it shipped.  Yours went out a little after everyone elses because we had to fill out customs forms for every order.

Now the Bodgan part.  The factory printed Bodgan along with a resupply of the rest of the promos but failed to send them to us.  We are having them airshipped in, but this means we can't ship the orders until he gets here.  I know these promos are a big part of why many of you support us with direct orders, I'm incredibly sorry that they are the cause of a delay in us getting you the new stuff you've been waiting on.  I'm still waiting on a tracking number from the factory so I know when they will arrive, but it should be more than a few more days.

I hope you all can find a way to forgive these mishaps and continue to support us.  We'll continue to do our best to make products that you want so badly you are itching to have them.