Let the games begin! The first official Summoner Wars iOS Tournament has begun. Visit the official tourney thread in the forums to see the initial divisions and follow the action.

54 competitors filled up our first iOS tournament in just a few hours earlier this week. Each of them has a chance at a $50 PHG.com gift card, and, more importantly, a whole ton of cred when it comes to fame and glory in Itharia.

Competitors can get their matches rolling now, although matches aren't required to start until Monday morning. (However if you accept a 3-day match starting now from someone in your division, that's an official tournament match!)

There are a dozen or so PHG forum veterans in the tourney, but for the most part, this tournament is filled with unknowns and newcomers. Speculation has been going strong all week on who will fare the best, and lively discussion of the tournament in general is happening as well.

Some of the speculation from the forum:

"JYoder particularly--every Vassal tournament I've seen him in, he's been very solid. On the iOS I know he has a great W/L and is really good. I can only imagine he's gonna beast up any likely pool he winds up in." --Ranior

"Selecting Rodney Smith is a sneaky move. While I don't believe he's beaten me yet, he is very knowledgeable about the basic and intermediate board states and takes very good advantage of everything. His die luck isn't that bad either." --thenightsshadow

"I'm very interested in the results of the upcoming tournament and whether there are any parallels with the iOS stats coming through or if we see a very different story."  --Yojimbo252

There is one board gaming "celebrity" competing, Rodney Smith of the wonderful Watch it Played channel. Would've been great to see Luke and Andrea competing too! As it stands, there is only one female competitor, cmarie, in the tourney, and I know first-hand that she is tough to defeat. (If there are any other women in the tournament, let us know in the comments.)

I know many people were disappointed that the tournament was full by the time they even saw it. I thought it would take at least 2-3 days to fill up, so that's my fault. Next time we may have to upgrade the size to make more room, plus we can pre-announce the tournament registration time so that those who really want to play can sit at their computers and register at the first opportunity.

There is $50 at stake, but within that competitive atmosphere, let's keep this tournament fun and let's treat each other with respect throughout the process. I'm excited to see the results. Good luck to all!

Click here to visit the official tournament thread, where it all goes down and where divisions are listed.