Mice and Mystics' arrival at your doorstep draws ever closer. (Wait, you have preordered already, right? The deadline for $25 off and two promo cards is September 30.)

We have one last bit of content to give you before the game arrives: our how to play video! Not everyone is interested in reading a rulebook to get started on a new game, and even those who do want to read can benefit from seeing a game explained live. That's why Plaid Hat Games is committed to teaching its games online through video.

Back when the new site launched, Rodney Smith did a great how to play video for Summoner Wars... His Mice and Mystics video is now live as well. (And the Watch it Played polo is looking good, Rodney!)

Watch the video below, or access it at any time by going to our Mice and Mystics page and clicking the "video" tab.


Obsidian commented:

Great video! I can't wait to get my maCHEESEmo going.

Posted on 2012-09-26.

rudyvalentine commented:

Awesome video! This only increases my anticipation of what looks to be another great Plaid Hat game!

Posted on 2012-09-26.

BTBAM commented:

I'm going to be that guy with a few questions.

I believe I gathered this from the rule book, but the items equipped are in addition to the three items in a pack, correct?

Also, when doing the campaign and moving to the next chapter,(besides the starting items) you discard to 1 search card, is that mean emptying the mouses pack of searched items as well?

Also, rules say that when captured you don't lose items in the pack, so does that mean if the threat of being captured is imminent it might be wise to use a free action to switch an item (i imagine equipping multiple items isnt allowed) not immediately beneficial to attack or defense that you'd rather keep to the pack and arm with another more willing to lose? That is a nifty strategy for preservation.

I've loved every play I've had of this game and can't wait to sink into the whole campaign.

Posted on 2012-09-26.

Divljan commented:

great...now it is just that much harder to wait! looks like it will be worth it though!

Posted on 2012-09-26.

Nakiro commented:

Great job, both Plaid Hat Games and Rodney.

Posted on 2012-09-26.

Roderic_Cliche commented:

Looks good to me. :) And, yes, the money's out of the bank account long since, now, so I'm definitely ready for the game!

Posted on 2012-09-26.

champrjk commented:


Posted on 2012-09-27.

Rodney Smith commented:

Hey BTBAM: Correct, the items equipped at in addition to the 3 items in the pack. So you coul have a sword and helmet equipped and 3 weapons in a pack, for example.

Regarding campaigns - that's right, you discard down to one search card. I assume this is a game mechanic so that you don't sail easily through all the quests by having a full bag of tricks and armed tooth and nail (or should I say took and cheese).

I like your idea about stuffing your pack before you get captured. Crafty.

One thing I should say, is that I'm just the video guy. My rulings are not official, but I have worked over the rulebook a few times, so I'm relatively confident.

Posted on 2012-09-28.

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