Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Faction Highlight: Guild Dwarves

A plan for everything.

The Guild Dwarves seem to have a rune (and a plan) for just about everything. Many of their units and events are situational, but can be very effective when played at the right time. Be patient, find an opening and play reactively.

The Guild Dwarves have fought against the Cave Goblin hordes for quite some time so it is only natural that they are accustomed to being outnumbered. For this reason, they're the only faction to have both Magic Drain...

Oldin's Magic Drain

... and Reinforcements.

Oldin's Reinforcements

If they can remain steadfast and bide their time, these two Events give the Guild Dwarves a lot of potential for vengeance. Early on, the Guild Dwarves will want to make extensive use of the Build Magic phase to stay low on Unit count relative to their opponent.

Let's say you don't want to hang back. Maybe you want to just blow stuff up. They do that too! They're excellent at tearing down Walls, thanks to their specialized Events and skilled Engineers .

Oldin's Besiege the Walls


As you can tell, Engineers aren't necessarily ready for the front lines at all times, and that's where Defenders come in.


These stout warriors are instrumental in protecting your other forces and controlling the battlefield. Try placing them on the diagonal near an opponent's Wall to Engage anything that comes out of two of their summoning locations. Defenders form the backbone of most successful armies. The Spearman is the least specialized of the Guild Dwarf commons, deadly from afar, but even deadlier up close.


Perhaps the most awe-inspiring Champion that the Guild Dwarves have is the mighty Gror.


His hammer allows him to create a diamond-shaped swath of devastation wherever he goes. Now, he does only roll two dice, which is less than the other two Champions who excel at one-on-one combat. But his ability to hit multiple targets makes him a prime candidate for

Heroic Feat

Time this combo appropriately, and your opponent's Walls and Units may just come crashing down at once!

If you like to play a patient, controlling game, and then watch your opponent's plans crumble before him along with his smoldering Walls, the Guild Dwarves might just be the faction for you.