Hi Everyone!

We have an update on shipping for Mice and Mystics as well as the Summoner Wars reinforcement packs Bellor's Retribution and Saellea's Precision and reprints.

The good news?  They are coming.  The bad news is that we expected the games to deliver on September 20th, but they missed the boat they were intended to come over on because they were still being assembled.  We have a new estimated delivery date.  PlaidHatGames should receive everything on October 3rd!  That's right!  It's not that far away at all now.

But now, the big announcement is that there is an offical cut off date for preorders! You must order from the plaidhatgames.com store by September 30th to get Mice & Mystics at the discounted preorder price.


Scapemage921 commented:

This kind of stinks, but at least there's a firm date for the preorders now. Thanks for the info!

Posted on 2012-09-05.

Shockma Ranyk commented:

Like any of us expected the shipping of PHG product to go as planned, on time. XD

Posted on 2012-09-05.

MajMalfunction commented:

Well, I guess that is good news for the slackers who have not yet pre-ordered.

Posted on 2012-09-05.

Adam commented:

Can't wait!

Posted on 2012-09-05.

Divljan commented:

saddest news of the year...

Posted on 2012-09-05.

Truth commented:

A 13 day delay on a game is the saddest news of the year? You are having a good year! Congrats on that. Sorry your game is running late.

Posted on 2012-09-05.

casualtoast commented:

Oh man. Understandable....but HUGE BUMMER. Please forgive what will now be a huge whine: My wife and I get one game a year, which we get for our anniversary, which is in early September. Every year we go to this little tucked away place (like a cabin) and a big part of the weekend is always opening and playing our new game. We picked Mice/Mystics when it was scheduled for August, then rescheduled our trip when rumormill had it shipping in late Sept. Now were talking October? Much sigh. Not something I'm excited about telling the ol wifeal, she had a really frustrating time getting her time-off switched w her work.

Anyway, very excited for this game, sorry for the venting. Gettin it outta the system I guess so I can be optimistic Mr happy husband when I share the news. :-) love what you guys are doing, summoner wars is definitely a favorite and I check here a few times a day for any news on your games!

Posted on 2012-09-05.

Dungeonlord commented:

that was indeed predictable but i missed one thing: will the 3rd be the delivery date or the 3rd of October the games will arrive at plaid hat games and then they will be shipped ? I'm counting on a friend that is at the moment in the US to bring the game to Europe but he will leave the 10th so unfortunately few days make the difference between having the games or not.

Posted on 2012-09-06.

This comment has been deleted.

Nakiro commented:

Good to hear there is finally a solid date.

Posted on 2012-09-06.

This comment has been deleted.

Truth commented:

I accidentally deleted someone's comment above. If that was you I'm sorry. I fat fingered it on my iPhone.

Posted on 2012-09-06.

joepinion commented:

I have restored the missing comment by magic. The ability cost me 2 cheese though, so you owe me.

Posted on 2012-09-06.

CupidsArt commented:

Well, I guess I can wait, lol

Posted on 2012-09-06.

Truth commented:

The 3rd is the date we expect to get it. We have a lot of pre-orders so it could take up to a week to ship and then up to another week to deliver to a US address.

Posted on 2012-09-06.

Bellybean commented:

Plaid Hat games are outstanding. If one must wait a little longer for total tabletop gaming awesomeness... so be it. You guys continue to focus on creating the best games ever and we'll call it even.

Posted on 2012-09-06.

StyxParadox commented:

Will this delay the other Faction Packs that are on pre-order?

Posted on 2012-09-07.

ShamanX commented:

Made in USA. . . NOT


Posted on 2012-09-09.

Wandering Dragon commented:

Does the 10/3 shipment of Mice & Mystics also fulfill the distributor's (ACD/Alliance/etc?) orders? I'm a retailer and my customers are anxiously awaiting their copies too.

Posted on 2012-09-09.

worlds_enemy commented:

Just got into Summoner Wars a few weeks back at Gencon. I have an order on hold for some of the reprint stuff I couldn't get at the convention. I'm just glad to be able to get them at all instead of them being discontinued. Delay's happen. Thanks for making a great game!

Posted on 2012-09-17.

dphiant commented:

so based on other comments, I'm a little late on reading this post, but that's ok - I was actually going to be away for a couple of days and wanted to know if I needed to have someone check at the house for me, but this timing means that I should be good :D

Thanks for the update!

Posted on 2012-09-20.

Algernon commented:

If it takes about a week to ship to a US adress, when could a shipment to Europe (Sweden) be expected you think? Not only do I wait on Mice and Mystics, I also ordered everything I do not yet have of the Summoner Wars-products (5 packs) so this is a shipment I look forward to very very very very very much. :)

Posted on 2012-09-26.

Starslayer commented:

Is this still on Schedule? You receive tomorrow & ship out soon?

Posted on 2012-10-02.

the4thsentinel commented:

Fingers crossed.. Although technically since I'm waiting from down under (Australia), shipment could take another 3 weeks I'm guessing..

Posted on 2012-10-03.

Starslayer commented:

So its October 3rd. Are the items here, or more delays? An update would be great.

Posted on 2012-10-03.

Corre commented:

From facebook "they came into port yesterday they should release to our warehouse tomorrow or possibly Monday. They will ship out all next week along with Mice & Mystics."

Posted on 2012-10-04.

penfold commented:

any news on a shipping date for Bellor's Retribution

Posted on 2012-10-19.

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