IGA Finalist 2012Plaid Hat Games has just received notification that Summoner Wars has been selected as one of four nominees for the 2012 International Gamers Awards two-player category. Congratulations to Colby and the entire Summoner Wars team!

Already an award winning game and game system, Summoner Wars has recently risen to new heights, getting reinforcements for all 16 factions, having the iOS version of the game published, and with second summoners on their way in 2013. Plaid Hat Games is proud to receive the nomination from the International Gamers Awards and we extend our congratulations to the other publishers who had great games nominated. (I'm sure Colby will be disappointed to see that The Resistance did not make the cut. [To understand this inside joke, listen to any Plaid Hat Podcast episode from the past 2 months.])

The International Gamers Awards were founded in 1999 for the express purpose of recognizing outstanding games, their designers, and the companies which publish them.
You can learn more about the International Gamers Awards by visiting their Web site.


Grungebob commented:

Oh yes!!! Way to go Colby!! SW deserves this award!

Posted on 2012-09-03.

Shockma Ranyk commented:

Great milestone for PHG!

Posted on 2012-09-03.

Jonathan commented:

Grats! Definitely, well deserved.
Lol, on the Resistance....I am waiting for Alex to come out with the special music for the weekly Resistance Report...

Posted on 2012-09-03.

Niner commented:

Honestly, u guys did a fantastic job and totally deserve to be nominated. Kudos!

Posted on 2012-09-03.

Bellybean commented:

Congrats Colby and Crew. Outstanding game! Summoner Wars will win this in a landslide. Next up, Mice and Mystics. Plaid Hat Games defines total gaming awesomeness!

Posted on 2012-09-03.

MtS commented:

Congrats! Deserved nomination. I think SW should be favorite in the two-player category.

Posted on 2012-09-03.

Killer Lawnmower commented:


Posted on 2012-09-03.

BTBAM commented:

Congrats guys!

Posted on 2012-09-03.

PandaWear commented:

Alright Colby! Way to go man.

Posted on 2012-09-03.

DrZ commented:

Congratulations. Well deserved :)

Posted on 2012-09-03.

champrjk commented:

Congratulations Colby and plaid hat crew!

Posted on 2012-09-03.

Scapemage921 commented:

Great job everyone! Congratulations!

Posted on 2012-09-04.

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