Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

GenCon 2012 Tournament Results

Summoner Wars Winners Listed

After a brief hiccup attempting to secure space from the Days of Wonder/ Richard Borg Collective, Charles and I were able to get up and running, complete with some great standing posters of Ret Talus and Oldin, a complement of chess clocks, and a bunch of note cards.

Starting on Thursday at 3:00 PM Indy time, we ran the Starter Factions Only event, which let you play any faction, but as it appeared when first purchased – no custom deckbuilding allowed.  After four rounds of Swiss, the Filth emerged victorious in a dramatic fashion, with Abomination going 6/6 to crush Krusk.

Here’s a list of the top 5 (Strength of Schedule was used to differentiate like records):


  1. AJ ‘esper88’ 4-0 with the Filth
  2. Cody Stevens 3-1 with the Jungle Elves
  3. M. S. (Ronaldo’s eldest son) 3-1 Phoenix Elves
  4. T. S. (“ “ middle son) 3-1 Sand Goblins
  5. Thenightsshadow’s bro 3-1 Guild Dwarves

On Friday, things went quite a bit smoother, as I had the same space from 10 AM until 6 PM.  Morning was Pick Your Poison, where each player brought two decks.  Before each game, players would take their opponent’s two summoner reference cards in hand and simultaneously reveal which they were willing to let their opponent play.  Despite my worry that this would become a Guild Dwarf/Tundra Orc bonanza, only one person brought that specific team, and ended up dropping after an 0-2 start! 

 The top 6 for this event were:

  1. Joe “Clarissmus” R. 4-0 w/ Deep Dwarves & Benders
  2. Thenightsshadow’s bro 3-1 w/ Phoenix Elves & Shadow Elves
  3. Kyle S.  3-1 w/ Cloaks & Sand Goblins
  4. M. S. (same kid as before) 3-1 w/ Tundra Orcs & Phoenix Elves
  5. AJ ‘esper88’ 3-1 w/ Cloaks & Jungle Elves
  6. Marcus S. 3-1 w/ Vanguards & Guild Dwarves

 Next up was the 4x4 : Four Factions tourney, where players decide in advance which four factions they’ll play, and in which order.  The top 4 finishers were:


  1. AJ (Fallen Kingdom, Phoenix Elves, Tundra Orcs, Benders)
  2. TNS bro (Guild Dwarves,  Phoenix Elves, Shadow Elves, Mountain Vargath)
  3. Thenisghtsshadow  (Mercenaries, Deep Dwarves, Phoenix Elves, Sand Goblins)
  4. Cody Stevens (Sand Goblins, Filth, Shadow Elves, Mercenaries)

On Friday afternoon, it was back to playing one deck for the whole tourney in the Faction Supremacy tournament, only this time, deckbuilding was allowed unlike the first event.  Despite 3 of the top 6 decks being Phoenix Elves, Deep Dwarves emerged victorious at 4-0, and the winner said his closest game was against some noob in a Plaid Hat playing Cave Goblins.


  1. Joe “Clarissimus” R. Deep Dwarves
  2. Sarah D. Phoenix Elves
  3. Stuart D. Guild Dwarves
  4. Cody Stevens Mercenaries
  5. M. S.  Phoenix Elves
  6. Josh M. Phoenix Elves

It was great to see you all there, including some that I saw back at the first GenCon Summoner Wars events back in 2010.  It was also cool to see Ronaldo and his two boys, as he was one who had fallen out of love with the game but came back pretty hard after the Master Set and his 12 year old son was close to winning all 3 events they participated in, losing only to the eventual winner each time.

I’ll start a thread in the forums some time this week to provide additional data and a chance for people to provide feedback for how things can be improved in the future.