Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Summoner Wars Items Ready to Pre-Order

Plus, the fourth promo mercenary is revealed!

Your appetite for new Summoner Wars reinforcements has been whet by our previews of the new units over the past few weeks. Now you can finally pre-order Bellor's Retribution and Saella's Precision from the store!

These two reinforcement packs give you an array of options for the Mountain Vargath, Swamp Orcs, Filth and Mercenary factions. Head over to the store and pre-order today.

Along with those two reinforcement packs, a ton of Summoner Wars items are on their way and back in stock here at for pre-order as well. The Master Set, both Starter Sets, all individual faction packs, plus Taliya's Spirit and Piclo's Magic are available for pre-order, to arrive in September.

Even Sairook is back in stock as a promo mercenary champ, one of four to choose from with every Summoner Wars purchase from

Wait, FOUR? Yes, the long-awaited fourth promo mercenary is here... Meet Bodgan!

I'm not sure what furry-creature-race Bodgan is, but it's certainly a smelly one. This guy is expensive at 7 magic, but could do some serious damage, and can place enemies between a rock and a smelly place. All the more reason to head to the store and order some Summoner Wars items today.

(And don't forget there's still time to pre-order Mice and Mystics for a $25 discount and promo cards!)