We have now come to the end of the Gen Con Preview Week. And though it's a cliche, it's also true that the last are not least.   

Urick, Champion of the Mercenaries

Urick is the second Vargath Mercenary Champion we have seen -- the first being Hulgorad.  It seems that some of the warlike Vargath just aren't satisfied to stay in the mountains, but want to go looking for more steady action.  Many armies will welcome Urick, who must be a former Brute: his Knock Around ability will help shake up enemy formations.  And even though Hulgorad is more buff than Urick, with AV 2 and 7 Life Points he is very buff indeed. 

Rogue, Common of the Mercenaries

The Rogues also use an ability we have seen before: the have the same Backstab ability that the Cloak named Dagger has, except that it is "Lesser Backstab" because instead of adding 3 to the Attack Value, it adds "only" 2 -- which is still plenty strong! 

An interesting thing about today's preview units is that although they both have abilities seen before, I like both abilities even better in these Mercenary units.  With an Attack Value of 2, Knock Around is more likely to kick in, failing only 1/9 of the time instead of 1/3.  And I like the Backstab ability better in Common units, since it's the kind of thing that works best by surprise right after you summon the unit, and I'd rather do Lesser Backstab multiple times than the original Backstab once.  


Well, I can't say "until next week (or tomorrow)" because we have come to the end of the previews.  There is no more anticipation of discovery -- we have seen all the Units in all the factions, until the second Summoners appear.  But now we have the even greater pleasures of exploration and application, of experimenting with the new units, and seeing how we can best use them in our games.  Enjoy!