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Forgotten Waters Distribution Update

Pandemic Effects Retail Release


Retail Release Date Postponed

Due to forces outside of our control, the retail release date for Forgotten Waters has been pushed back. We do not have a new retail release date as of yet, but we will keep you updated on that as the Covid-19 pandemic progresses. That said, we still want to honor the original release date of April 10th to the best of our ability. We’ve seen that, for many, games have been a welcome way to stay occupied during this period of isolation and we know that some of our customers are really looking forward to that April 10th release. We also intend to provide an online tool to help players play games of Forgotten Waters over the internet with one another, with only one player needing to own a copy of the game.

At the same time, we recognize that brick and mortar board game retailers are really struggling right now, and, as a result of releasing Forgotten Waters early, we are tempting some of their loyal customers to order from us rather than from them. So, starting now, customers will have the option to enter the name and address of their favorite local game store when ordering Forgotten Waters from us.  We will send each local game stores a check for $12 (20% of the price of the game) for each customer that orders Forgotten Waters from us and mentions them as their favorite local game store.


Free Shipping and Treasure Chest Organizer

We will continue to offer free shipping in the intercontinental US ($10 off shipping elsewhere) and the treasure chest organizer promo on copies of the game ordered from us.

Additionally, as a measure against flooding the market with copies of Forgotten Waters before retailers have had a chance to promote and sell the game, we will be limiting the number of copies that we are willing to sell before the retail release of the game. We have made a limited amount of copies available for direct order through our website.  This is a small fraction of what we expect the demand for Forgotten Waters to be, and as a result we will likely run out of copies to sell on our website well before the release date of the game.  We are sorry for any frustration this may lead to, but please understand that it remains important to us that demand for Forgotten Waters be high for local retailers when they receive their copies of the game.

Attention, Retailers!

Retailers, any copies of Forgotten Waters that you put on order before the retail release of the game will be sent to you with a copy of the treasure chest organizer promo.  If we get word from Asmodee (our distribution partner) that Forgotten Waters will need to be allocated in its first print run, we will immediately begin manufacturing more in an attempt to meet demand. If this happens, we will include the treasure chest organizer promo in every copy of this second printing to make sure all of your early adopting customers get a copy of this promotional item. It is our experience (with the pre-order campaigns we ran for Mice and Mystics and Dead of Winter back when we released them) that our pre-order campaigns seemed to act to seed the market with people talking about the new title, resulting in the games going on to have a fantastic retail life.  So too is this our hope with Forgotten Waters, which I really believe will be a stand out title. If you, as a retailer, are unsure about how to place an order for copies of Forgotten Waters, you can find information on that here.

Posted by Niki Shults

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