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Forgotten Waters App Preview

Fancy New Technology


Whoa, slow down there, swabbie! Before ya hop on that pirate ship, yer gonna have to access the Forgotten Waters web app at: This here fancy contraption is needed for yer piratey adventure. You can download it to yer phone fer easier access from here on out, and then an internet connection won’t be needed.


The app shows lots o’ useful information, such as scenario setup. Each of the scenarios has its own unique map layout and the stats yer ship has when it leaves port; such as supplies, cannons, hull, and crew.


Once the play area is set up, the app will introduce ya to the adventure you’ve chosen to partake on. From huntin’ witches to capturin’ sea beasts, the narration performed by voice actors will captivate your imagination and immerse ya wholeheartedly into each scenario.


The app also contains a sand timer used during the plannin’ phase of each round. If player plannin’ exceeds the allotted time, yer crew will get agitated. If discontent among the crew is ever equal to yer crew value, you’ll find yerself in a mutiny and the game will end.

entry 17

As you sail the high seas, anythin’ can happen, and tough choices will need to be made.

Will you do as this woman says, or take her to the cap’n?


Arrr, you’ve been sent to page 11 - there be stormy seas ahead!


Perform well enough on certain actions, and yer fine display could lead to exceptional outcomes!


The app can give a different story dependin’ on the context - what scenario yer playin’ and which stories you’ve read before.


Professional voice actors are recordin’ these entries as we speak! So when you get the game, you’ll have the choice to read it yerself or have it read to you by professional fake pirates!


Even though we’re super tech savvy and all, you’ll still get a delightful old-school tabletop feel from Forgotten Waters. Players will track their own story and skills on paper, and their scenario progress will be recorded in the paper ship logs. It’s a game played around the table, with a crisp app to give it an extra punch and lighten the paperwork.

Wanna know more about the app? Check out the FAQs!

Don’t forget to pre-order yer copy of Forgotten Waters. All pre-orders in the 48 contiguous United States receive free shippin’, and ALL pre-orders will receive the treasure chest promo to be holdin’ all yer tokens and treasure cards.