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Forgotten Waters: Pirate Roles and Responsibilities

No Scrubbing the Poop Deck


No pirate ship can sail sweetly without its senior crew taking on a bit o' responsibility. If you're aiming to sail the seven seas and live to tell about it, then you'd better work together real nice like. Each senior pirate will receive at least one role before a mission begins! Take these responsibilities seriously if ya wish to survive.


Ship Scribe

Choose the one guy or gal who knows their letters to be the ship's scribe. This pirate will be taking notes as directed by the magical game app. They'll also mark off events that occur from too many threats, or from stories gleaned by spending time with yer old cap'n.

Each Forgotten Waters scenario includes a save point. Flipping over the ship log lets the scribe "save the game" for a later date by taking notes.

First Mate

First Mate

The second in command is in charge of keepin' the scurvy masses in line and making sure they be content during your voyage. Need the crew to go hungry? That'll bump the discontent marker up. Lose a crewmate overboard to choppy seas? Gain a new recruit at port? Bump that crew token! If ever the two markers should meet, the adventure is lost, and ya can bet your mum's old pegleg that you won't survive the coming mutiny.



Taking care of the hull is an important job due to the rough seas and pesky sea monsters that enjoy pummeling you with their terrible appendages. If the ship takes too much damage and the hull marker ever reaches zero, you and yer chums will be spending eternity with Davy Jones.



A trustworthy pirate shall oversee the supplies your journey will require. Without these goods ye won't be able to feed the crew, buy fancy trinkets at markets, or load the cannons, and so on. Supplies are important!



Ya always need a swabbie up in the crows, keeping a keen eye out for any possible threats that may be sneaking up on yer ship! This pirate's gotta keep track of those threats and check 'em against the scenario objective when the all-knowing web app gives instruction. If ya ever go over the amount of threat allowed, it's a sure bet that something bad is gonna happen to yer mates, or worse - yer ship!



Perhaps the most important job of all is the quartermaster. Howe else are we gonna keep track of which pirate is truly the best pirate and which one is a lowly sea dog that should be mocked at all times? This pirate be bumping crew mates up in infamy when they have a legendary knuckle cracking contest, or knock a pirate down the track when they fail to scare the seagulls off the masts. If you ain't gonna act like a pirate, you won't get no respect, and you'll be picking your actions last during the planning phase.



You ain't going on no pleasure cruise! You be pirates, and pirates are always running into all sorts o'violence. You need a sailor who ain't afraid to get their hands dirty...with gunpowder that is. They'll load cannons with ship's supplies and keep track of enemy stats, all while making sure the poor souls who went overboard get saved. It's a bloody, thankless job, but exiting as all get out!

Thank ye for learnin' about the important business that comes with being a successful pirate. Next week we'll be learning about the fantastical and magical Forgotten Waters web app that makes these harrowing expeditions possible!

And don't ye be forgetting to pre-order Forgotten Waters! Pre-orders in the 48 contiguous states receive free shipping, and ALL pre-orders will receive the treasure chest promo that'll hold all yer tokens and treasure cards.

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