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Forgotten Waters Preview: Player Sheets

How to be a Proper Pirate


So you want to be a pirate, eh? First thing's first - yer gonna need to have a sweet pirate name – one thats memorable and really strikes fear into the heart of yer foes.


Pirate Name Generator

Can’t think of one? It ain't a problem! We’ve got you covered with a pirate name generator on both the back of the rulebook AND in the Forgotten Waters app. Just roll the dice or push a button. It’s that easy, Fightin’ Two-toed Fannie.


Player Sheets

Once you’ve got yer pretty name all picked out, write it down on the top of one of the 21 unique player sheets. There’s a whole stack of 'em, so flip through and pick yer favorite. Maybe you’re the lovesick pirate? Or the grim assassin pirate? Grab whichever one speaks to your inner sea dog.

story blanks 

While you’ve got the pen in yer hand, turn to the second page and fill out your character’s story blanks. Before you and your crewmates depart for open water, you’ll each read yer pirate’s backstory out loud. After all, you don’t wanna be stuck on a ship with a buncha scalawags you know nothing about!


Once the adventure begins, certain actions will give you the chance to advance yer skill levels. Whenever a skill is gained, players will make a mark in the farthest left box in that skill row and will forever add +1 to their skill checks for each box filled in.


Each time you gain a skill level with a star in the box, you’ll get to fill in a constellation star. Players must fill in their constellation following a path – no skipping around to earn those constellation event tokens! I know what you be thinkin’ - what in the hells are event tokens? Those are the tokens you’ll earn whenever you fill in a star containing an exclamation point!


The app will prompt players to resolve any constellation tokens they have. Each pirate with a token will fill in the next available constellation event on the back of their player sheet. The more events filled in at the end of the game, the better the ending for that pirate. If one forgets to focus on filling in their event sheet, they’ll lead a sad, forgettable life indeed.


We hope ye enjoyed this first preview of Forgotten Waters. Next time we’ll be talking about your crews' jobs and responsibilities while sailing the ocean blue.

Forgotten Waters will hit store shelves April 10th 2020 so pre-order your copy today! Direct pre-orders will receive 20% off MSRP and pre-orders in the 48 contiguous states receive FREE SHIPPING!