"Warden and the Grounders" sounds like a rock group, doesn't it?  If they were, they could perform for the unveiling of the new Reinforcement Packs at Gen Con this week!  

The voting yesterday was interesting, with second place changing over the course of the day, but first place was consistently held by the Mountain Vargath's final Common Unit, the Warden:

 Warden, Common of the Mountain Vargath

Like so many of his colleagues, the Warden's ability encourages it to charge into enemy territory.  But in this case it gives a defensive benefit, rather than offensive: if it is adjacent to an enemy Wall, any attack on it gives at most 1 Wound.  Only strong Walls give this benefit, though -- those with 3 or more remaining Life Points -- so those with Orc armies can be relieved that Vine Walls and Ice Walls don't help.  Still, we hope you like Wardens, because they aren't going away soon.  


It took a while to determine, but the eventual winners in second place of the polls were the two Grounder units: 

 Bow Grounder, Common of the Mercenaries

 Sword Grounder, Common of the Mercenaries

Those who were hoping for new abilities – like the the Spear Grounders, whose Reach allows them to attack diagonally – will be disappointed in that, since Shadow Elf Swordsmen are also Swift, and Guild Dwarf Guardsmen are also Tough.  But the appearance of a Swift ranged unit is unique, and the main point of the Mercenaries is that now any faction can have these units among them if they want.


Until tomorrow!  (Remember to vote!)