GenConGenCon starts this Thursday! Plaid Hat Games will have a full delegation there, including the Plaid Hat Booth in the exhibit hall. Come by, demo some games (including Mice & Mystics) and if you're quick grab one of 100 each of Saella's Precision or Bellor's Retribution. (Edit: Err, I'm not advocating a Raid, here, pay Colby the cash. :P)

Colby mentioned on yesterday's podcast that all Dougs should stop by the booth at noon on Friday to sing the Plaid Hat Podcast theme song together. Go for it!

Sadly, I won't be attending this year, which is too bad, because the tournaments are gonna rock. Here's the rundown:

  • Faction Battles Starter Decks only (Thursday PM)
  • Pick Your Poison: Bring 2 faction decks; roll off. Opponent picks the deck you will play that round (Friday AM)
  • 4 x 4: like 5 for fighting but 4 deck 4 rounds. Final, if necessary, will be Pick your Poison (Friday PM)
  • Dungeon Run: 4-5 games with winner of each game advancing to final game. (Saturday AM)
  • Faction Battles: One Deck to rule them all (Saturday PM)

According to James on the podcast yesterday, there's still spots open in the Dungeon Run and 4 x 4 tournaments! Sign up! Otherwise, at least stop by the booth and introduce yourself to the gang.

Although, like many of you, I will not be attending, I am very interested in the results! Let's hear everyone's predictions in the comments of which factions (or character, in Dungeon Run), will take home the gold in each event.***

My picks: Guild Dwarves for starter decks, Sand Goblins/Jungle Elves for Pick Your Poison, Phoenix Elves/Mountain Vargath/Filth/Tundra Orcs for 4x4, Addolgar Vayne for Dungeon Run  and Tundra Orcs for the Faction Battle.

See you (well I won't see you but other Plaid Hat people will) in Indy!

***(Note: No actual gold will be awarded. Point awarded for each deck/character correctly guessed from the winning competitor. Points not redeemable for actual prizes.)