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A Closer Look at Ringr

The Knowsit



Life hasn’t been easy since the Calamity. Each day is a struggle for survival. It can get you down sometimes, so it’s a good thing we have jokesters like Ringr around. Nothing breaks Ringr’s smile, and he’s got a wisecrack for every situation.


Sometimes I feel like this is Ringr’s world, He’s a hamster, so you never can tell with him, but it almost seems like Ringr has found his calling. Obviously he has the mechanical know-how of a Knowsit, but I think he prefers roughing it in the wastes. He keeps our gear patched up, and he’s always inventing stuff when he’s not out chasing calamity.


Ringr has a +2 in instincts (yellow) which makes him good at finding things and figuring things out. His instincts make him uniquely suited to foraging for food and scrap. Nobody is as charming or as convincing as Ringr. His way of smooth talking can put the most hostile stranger at ease.

Ringr’s also fairly agile with a +1 in agility (green). This means his aim is good and he has a better chance of traversing rough terrain. He starts the campaign armed with the One Shot pistol. This funny little scattergun is good against roaches and scorpions who have a low defense, but quickly overwhelm the heroes with their sheer numbers.


Knowsits are critters that demonstrate an enhanced understanding of mechanical or technological devices, and Ringr certainly fits that bill. Knowsits love to tinker around with things. Sometimes they create wonderful new machines, often their creations are failures, and sometimes they are even dangerous. Ringr starts the game with the Knowsit ability Finder, which allows him to discover worthwhile gear while scavenging for food and scrap. 


Ringr is mischievous and jovial. He has a zest for danger and adventure, but in his heart he is a loyal and hardworking asset to the colony. His campaign goals are to build a workshop at the colony, and to acquire a toy truck. Once all characters have achieved their campaign goals, the campaign is considered a victory. 

This is part two of a four part series that takes a closer look into the starting characters for Aftermath. Tune in to read about the other members of Meziah’s crew as we get closer to the game’s release in November.