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A Closer Look at Whisper

The Odd1



Weather! All of the different types have their own unique smells, and nobody smells the weather better than Whisper. This morning is going to be clear - a perfect day to hit Enjo. 

Enjo isn’t a trove of scrap or some kind of strategic objective. No, this score is about the reputation. Today we are going to get inside Enjo, and we’ll be bringing back crackers, crisps, and maybe even candy back to the colony. But most importantly, we’ll all be coming back alive!


I’m Meziah, and this is my crew.

What you see is what you get with Whisper. She mostly keeps to herself. I’m not sure if she really needs anybody. She’s an odd one, and I mean that in the best way possible. She just knows things... important things. Check out her twitchy nose.


Whisper has a +2 in resistance (blue) which makes her very good at shrugging off negative status effects. Most armor in the game gives bonuses to blue cards, so Whisper makes a great tank for the party. 

Don’t be deceived though - Whisper is no slouch in a fight. She has a +1 to red strength skill tests, meaning she’s a very capable combatant. Her weapon of choice is a chopstick, one of the best weapons in the game. It gives an additional +1 to strength when attacking, and +1 to resistance when defending. It also allows Whisper to pole vault over rough terrain.  


Whisper is an Odd1. That’s what they call rodents that have been taken in from the wild and have questionable, sometimes uncivilized, characteristics. Many Odd1’s have skills and senses that are more keenly honed than house mice and other more domestic rodents. She starts with the Tumble ability, which allows movement to an adjacent space to avoid being hit by a melee attack. 


Whisper is aloof, but she cares deeply for the colony that took her in when she was tiny. The colony is her family. Her campaign goal is to take in as many stray creatures as she can find, and to provide healing for the injured and sick. If the colony ever has 20 or more population, and the mender’s hut colony structure has been built, Whisper has achieved her portion of the campaign goals. Once ALL characters have achieved their campaign goals, the campaign is considered a victory. 

This is the first in a four-part series that takes a closer look into the starting characters for Aftermath. Tune in to read about the other members of Meziah’s crew as we get closer and closer to the game’s release in November.

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