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Abomination Preview: Scoring Victory Points

The End is Nigh


The creature desires a companion, but the only way to win this contest is by gaining more victory points than one's fellow scientists. With many paths to victory, the following will help one gain these essential points during the game.


Building a Monster

Every time a scientist starts and completes a monster part, they gain the noted victory points. The lowest stage from the decomposition track that one pulls these materials from, determines how many points are earned. These are scored immediately, and one shall move their score marker the appropriate number of spaces on the score tracker. However, using animal materials will cost two victory points for having tainted one's creation with such specimens.

End of Game Victory Points


It’s Aliiiiiiiive!

When the contest draws to a close – with either Captain Walton reaching the end of the story track or a scientist bringing their entire monster to life – every player will gain victory points for each of their parts that have been brought to life. The body parts that required more experience to build will bring forth more victory points - the most talented scientists will be rewarded.


Bonus Objectives

Each contest will offer four bonus objectives, out of a total of six, that scientists can strive to achieve. At the end of the game, those that met these goals will reap the benefits.


Attribute Points

One who cares about their reputation in the scientific community, and who grows their medical expertise, will be glad they focused on such things when they score the highest victory point value reached on those dials. Spending all that time, nobly working at the hospital, can be quite rewarding.

And a scientist might regret having spent so much time administering murders when the end game comes, and all players lose or gain points based on the highest or lowest values reached on their humanity dial. The lingering consequences of violence can be terribly inconvenient.


Tracking Down the Monster

If the game ends with Captain Walton reaching the last space on the story track, the player with the highest positive humanity gains even more victory points. This is in addition to the victory points they have already gained based on how high their humanity dial was set!

As one can see, there are many paths to follow that will lead a scientist to victory. One might bring every part of their abomination to life, but that does not necessarily mean one shall win this contest.

We hope this and previous Abomination previews have offered some respite from your Earthly troubles. This game shall squelch into finer retail establishments at the end of September, which means there is still time to pre-order a copy. Pre-orders in the 48 contiguous states will receive free shipping!