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The Captain and His Foe

Avenging Dr. Frankenstein!


The Captain


It has been twenty years since Captain Walton made a vow to a dying Dr. Frankenstein. Twenty years since he watched the unholy creature flee across the ice in the Arctic. He thought the thing dead, for no man could survive long in that place of hellish cold. And he was right, no man could, but a creature is something else. Now Captain Walton has made his way to Paris to fulfill his promise of cleansing an abomination from the Earth.

The Creature


Frankenstein’s experiment is alive and well in Paris and hosting a contest for the top scientific minds in the world. It yearns for companionship to make its anguished existance somewhat more bearable. The scientists must work quickly, or the creature will be forced to come calling during the event phase, and it will teach them the contest is no laughing matter.

Story Track


After each lab phase, Captain Walton moves down the story track. If he ever reaches the end of this track, the game is over, signaling that the captain has indeed caught up to the creature and fufilled his decades-old pledge. There may be cards that come up during the game that will help speed the captain further down the track.

An Encounter with the Creature


At the beginning of each round the first player will draw either an encounter or event card. Encounter cards will have a player engaging with either the captain or the creature. Pleasing the creature will gain you rewards, but angering it will cause despair and loss of attributes and/or goods.

Will you choose good or evil?

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