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Abomination Preview: The Lab Phase

Creating a Monster!


Your scientists have collected their ill-gotten wares and rushed back to their laboratory to continue their experiments under the cover of night. Creating a monster is dirty business and the time has come for them to get their hands dirty… again.

Creating an Abomination


During the lab phase, players will use their materials to start building their creation or complete body parts. The freshness of the materials determines how many victory points a body part is worth. But one cannot simply build body parts on a whim - one must first have the knowledge to do so. Each body part has a knowledge requirement, from arms needing the least amount, to heads requiring the most. For every body part built, a scientist will gain one knowledge.

It’s Alive!


Once a body part has been completed, players can attempt to bring that part to life by rolling the shock dice. Rolling an eyeball symbol brings the piece to life and will score extra points at the end of the game. Rolling a lightning bolt means that your scientist did not have the skill needed for such a difficult task, and a damage token is added to a body part of their choice. Once a scientist has gained enough expertise, they will be granted use of shock dice that have more favorable odds.

Degrading Materials


Before your scientist leaves the lab they must degrade all materials. All academics know that organs and muscles rot and that blood will quickly clot and dry up. But any good academic also knows that buying an ice block will prevent decomposition for two rounds.

If one wishes to not lose precious resources, they may choose to preserve muscles and organs. Those preserved goods can be sold along with bones at the market during the city phase. This is also where those smart enough can find the aforementioned ice blocks.

Join us next week as we explore Captain Walton and the event phase. Don’t forget to pre-order your copy today!

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