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The World of Aftermath

A Story of Survival


Aftermath takes place in a fictional world that poses a question. What would happen if humans just suddenly and mysteriously disappeared? 

Our story begins inside a pet shop several days after all humans have vanished. A trio of rodents escape captivity and help release all the other captive pets in the store.


A grateful young guinea pig, and an expectant couple of clever mice hide out in a three story urban brownstone on Abigail Lane, and there they start a small colony amongst the ruins of mankind.

The adventure book follows this colony of mice and other small rodents, each of whom is learning to survive and cope, in the aftermath of the event they call the Calamity. 


The players take the roles of young rodents learning to provide for this colony. They go on missions out into the shattered human-sized city that is rapidly being reclaimed by nature. 


The world is mapped out on a city grid that shows the city sections immediately surrounding Abbigail Lane. As the players venture out on missions to feed their colony or find scrap to build equipment, they will discover adventure locations that unlock more missions. These locations bring the world alive and reveal the struggle, peril, and heroism of this dangerous abandoned new world.



In order to become providers for their colony. The heroes must first make a successful raid on Enjo, a vending machine that survived the Calamity, gathering supplies along the way to feed their families and upgrade the colony’s infrastructure.


The sunless mice of the Gutterdoom are up to something, and their leader, the mysterious Redeye Wyrd, is behind it. Are these friend or foes? They may not give you a choice in the matter.


This impregnable corner store gas station has enough loot to feed the colony for weeks. Can the heroes figure out how to get inside? Countless creatures have tried and failed.


An overturned delivery truck could be a goldmine of resources. But no mouse has returned from this place. Is the reward be worth the risk?


Pigeons have setup a fortress in a magical fountain of fresh water. Unfortunately, the terrible Rust Lord and his Junker rats want it for themselves. 


Stealing seeds from the geckos that inhabit this arboretum, could help feed your loved ones. The geckos don’t need ‘em, but will they give ‘em up without a fight?


The Rats were thriving on the junkyard trash heaps, but their numbers have increased faster than their food. Now they raid nearby locations, making things difficult for others.


The best scrap and toy vehicles come from ToyZMart, but the place is overrun with Junkers and Junkers mean trouble.


We hope you enjoyed this preview of the world of Aftermath. Stay tuned for more previews leading up to the game’s release in early September! Don't forget to pre-order your copy today!