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Choose your clan, prepare for battle, and fight for control of powerful crystals in Crystal Clans, a battle card game for two players.

Choose your clan, maneuver your forces, and fight for the powerful crystals of the Crystal Clans, the new 2-player expandable game from Plaid Hat Games!


In Crystal Clans, 2 players go to battle with unique armies. Leading their squads across the battlefield, players compete to gain powerful crystals which hold the power to dominate their world.

Choose to command 1 of 6 clans, including the adaptable Water Clan, the peaceful Flower Clan, the relentless Skull Clan, the innumerable Blood Clan, the wise Meteor Clan or the unyielding Stone Clan.

Crystal Clans features an array of brand new game mechanics designed by Andrea Mezzotero, including:

  • Actions taken with a back-and-forth initiative system. The more you do on your turn, the more you opponent gets to do on hers.
  • Stack your units together into squads, carefully choosing their order and moving the squad together.
  • Each card in your deck can be used either as a unit on the battlefield or as a battle card, adding surprise to each encounter.
  • Earn the power of magic crystals that pave the path to victory with their magical powers that have their own impact on the battle.

The first clan to claim 4 crystals wins the game and fulfills their destiny to dominate the world of the Crystal Clans.

With art by Martin Abel, Crystal Clans is one of the most beautifully illustrated games of 2017. Stunning cards, all with thematic abilities, spread across a hand-drawn board, promise a captivating experience every time you sit down to play.

Join the Crystal Clans and fight for the crystal zones this fall!

In Crystal Clans, players send their forces across the battlefield in a quest to control the crystal zones.

On a player's turn, she takes actions, spending initiative for each action until the initiative token stops on her opponent's side of the iniatiative track. One action that can be taken is summoning new units from your hand into your home zone. Friendly units in the same zone combine into a squad, which combines their attack and defense but allows them to activate as one.

Each unit has attack, defense, activation cost, and unique abilities. Some units harness their clan's signature abilities, while others add uniqute tricks of their own. Players activate their squads and march them to the crystal zones to score a crystal or to their opponent's home zone to invade.

When a squad shares a zone with an enemy squad, a battle may occur. Each player has a chance to influence the battle by playing a card from their hand for a battle effect, whose results depend on the kind of card played by your opponent.

When you wrestle control of the crystal zones from your opponent or deplete your opponent's draw pile, you gain a powerful crystal which allows you to warp the battle in your favor. The first player to gain 4 crystals wins the game!




Crystal Clans - How to Play

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