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Thread: Onacara Clan Battle Reports

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    Ok so I have not been keeping track of each game we have played so far here but tonight my 8 year old finished all his homework and chores before I came home from work and was itching to play.....

    He played Goblins while I played Elves.

    I won the roll and decided to go first to try and take out a couple of units before he got a chance to move. 3 Whiffs

    It should have been an omen as tohow the rest of the game would play out....within a couple of turns he summons 2 more archers and blarf...and before I knew it I was overrun by goblins thanks to him playing Rush, Rage and Horde all in one turn.

    I got my butt handed to me and could not have been happier (or prouder) about it.

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    Sounds awesome, Onacara.

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    ...Sounds MUCH MORE awesome than playing Yu-gi-oh!

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    So we have been playing this is a little synopsis of last nights game of Orcs (Me) vs Elves (Dylan)

    This game proves the point that a little bit of luck can go a long way.

    The first couple of plays were your usual back and forth..nothing special really happening...and then the luck gods shined their light on me as One brave little Orc Fighter Furied his way to....5...count em....5 kills before putting 2 wounds on Elian.

    I was then able to Freeze Elian and his Khan Queso forcing him to spend 4 Magic to release them...thus leaving him helpless to getting more Units was over in the next turn as Elian was surrounded and brought to his knees.

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    Elian was surrounded and brought to his knees all those dirty rumors you always hear about elves REALLY are true! Don't forget, they kick puppies too!!!

    Good report, keep em coming Ona!

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