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Thread: Tournament Decks Played

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    Clarissimus won the faction battles (1 deck, can be deck-built though) with the Deep Dwarves.* There were 3 PE in the top 6. The other two factions in the top were Mercs and GD.

    Clarissimus' closest game (by his admission) was against my Cave Goblins, which started 0-2. When another player dropped and gave us an odd number of players, I ended up giving myself the bye the last two rounds.

    *He also won the Pick Your Poison event with BD/DD.

    AJ (esper 88) also won 4x4, where he ran Fallen Kingdom, Phoenix Elves, Tundra Orcs, and Benders, in that order. His only defeat in Pick Your Poison was to my Sand Goblins, where I picked his Jungle Elves instead of Cloaks.

    I'll prepare a more detailed tournament report soon.
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    Gencon 2012

    Starter Decks Only:

    Filth (4-0)

    Pick Your Poison (3-1):

    Cloaks (3-0)
    The Admiral/Violet/Scam
    7Scrapper 4Thief 4Gunner 2Slasher 1Owl Familiar

    Jungle Elves (0-1)
    Miti Mumway/Kadara/Maikenda Ru
    4Lioneer 5Gorilla 5Lioness 3Archer 1Elephant

    4x4 Four Factions (4-0):

    Fallen Kingdom
    1Zombie-Warrior 5Skeletal-Archer 5Cultist 5Reaper 2Apprentice-Mage

    Phoenix Elves
    Fire Drake/Holleas/Laleya
    1Guardian 2Archer 6Warrior 5Fire-Beast 4Stonecloak

    Tundra Orcs
    4Thwarter 2Fighter 5Smasher 5Shaman 2Rogue

    Sorgwen/Etch/Khan Queso
    4Stone Golem 3Deciever 6Controller 5Mind Witch

    Faction Supremacy (1-3):

    1Apprentice-Mage 3Spear-Grounder 7Rune-Mage 7Stone-Golem
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    Gencon 2012

    Starter Decks Only:

    Mercenaries (2-2)

    Pick Your Poison (0-4):

    Jungle Elves (0-1)
    Etch, Rath, Naan'nashi
    6x Archer, 2x Lioness, 1x Bounder, 3x Gorilla, 1x Time Mage, 4x Lioneer, 1x Jungle Guard

    Swamp Orcs (0-3)
    Glarg, Splack, Glurp
    6x Apprentice Mages, 1x Shaman, 5x Conjurer, 1x Hunter, 5x Savager

    4x4 Four Factions (3-1):

    Grubs, Rygos, Hulgorad
    1x Apprentice Mage, 5x Bow Grounder, 2x Sword Grounder, 5x Rune Mage, 3x Spear Grounder, 2x Stone Golem

    Deep Dwarves
    Lun, Kynder, Sprog
    3x Miner, 5x Scholar, 5x Gem Mage, 5x Rune Mage

    Phoenix Elves
    Laleya, Maelena, Fire Drake
    5x Fencer, 2x Archer, 7x Warrior, 1x Guardian, 3x Fire Beast

    Sand Goblins
    Biter, Kreep, Stink
    7x Javelineer, 2x Scavenger, 6x Shaman, 3x Slayer
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    This thread hasn't been updated in a while, so I'll toss my Gen Con 2013 decks in here

    Standard deck:

    Abua Shi: 4-1


    Mad Sirian: 0-1
    Elut-Bal, Gul-Dass, Skhull
    Warlock x6, Vampire x6, Cultist x3, Phantom x2, Ghoul x1

    Rallul: 1-0
    Etch, Hulgorad, Urick
    Stone Golem x7, App Mage x4, Rune Mage x5, Stonecloak x2

    Krusk: 0-1
    Biter, Kreep, Silts
    Shaman x8, Javelineer x6, Scavenger x2, Slayer x2

    Tundle: 1-0
    Lun, Kynder, Gren
    Gem Mage x9, Scholar x4, Spear Grounder x2, Miner x3

    Faction Supremacy

    Demagogue: 4-0
    Her, Abomination, Rygos
    Zealot x4, Cultist x3
    Absorption, Spellsucker, Stoneflesh, Horror, Claw, Tentacle, Corpulent, Spew, Beastial, Winged, Edible
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    My Gencon 5 for fighting Decks, in order:

    Marek (starters + Bauble/Spider/Sand Wyrm, Thief x6, Shaman x4, Scholar x3, Slayer x1)
    Sam Farthen (starters + Sybil/Leah/Father Ben, Starters + Cav Knight x4, Warrior Angel x4, Honor Guard x4, Rune Mage x3)
    Immortal Elien (starters + Fire Drake/Helkar/Etch, PE Warrior x5, FP Cultist x4, Harbinger x3, Warlock x2, Fencer x1)
    Tacullu (starters + Sorgwen/Owl/Rygos, Stone Golem x5, Controller x4, Mind Witch x3, Breaker x2)
    Mugglug (starters + Glarg/Murk/Prong, Apprentice Mage x6, Savager x5, Swordsman x4)

    Marek beat Ret-Talus, Sam beat Sunderved, Immortal Elien beat Abua Shi, Tacullu lost to Immortal Elien, and Mugglug beat Marek.

    If I were doing it over again, I'd probably drop add one more scholar instead of a thief or the slayer, drop sybil for Khan or seer, and buy another master set so I could play more controllers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dok View Post
    Immortal Elien beat Abua Shi,
    yay, I participated!
    I did not think I'd do great in 5 for fighting, as I only had 2 or 3 decks I thought I could play at tournament level and were tournament ready (and even those I forgot to put the last fixes on)
    I did think my Marek Deck was pretty powerful (though I think all Mareks are susceptible to being over-run/overwhelmed early on), and I went 3-0 with that deck, between 5 for fighting and Pick your Poison.

    Marek (starters + Dagger, Spider, Violet, Scholar x3, Hunter x5, Slasher x3, Slayer x3)

    The Slashers were less significant than they sometimes end up. I could drop them for thiefs, but I really like getting them with 2AV (marked target) for an extra chance to roll 6, and a slight chance to do 6 damage in one attack. Dagger also works well as a way to get a 6 dice attack on the summoner or whoever. Slayers are nice to get a 2hp common out there, making the whole deck a little less squishy (and could do 4 dice on a wounded champ). I too think I need to add one more scholar, probably would drop one slasher.

    My other good deck for Pick your Poison was Moyra, 2-0 between 5 for fighting and PyP. I will prob not post the deck list here unless there is any real interest, there are lots of strong Moyra deckbuilds out there...

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