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Thread: Help: can't beat Vanestra! Impossibly hard level

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    Default Help: can't beat Vanestra! Impossibly hard level

    OK, so I've gotten to the last level but can't escape Vanestra's final form. It's totally OP, not sure how this got through playtesting.

    Also she cheats and moves out of turn. I tried finding that in the rulebook but I guess it's something the players have to find out the first time they try?

    She attacks the mice immediately

    and pretty soon they're all captured

    and then Vanestra escapes the castle!


    (Amazing miniature though.)

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    OMG! That is the best looking Vanestra I've seen!
    Always the Mice Guy!

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    Looks like I'm never gonna beat Vanestra either.... as soon as I get there, I'm gonna have this in my head again and run away.
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