Ok as the title says this Battle Thread is For Custom Battles.

My First of the rank is My Swamp Reptilians VS Guild Dwarves.
To see the card details of my Swamp Reptilians Check out my customs using the link in my signature.

The Game started with the Dwarves (Me) going 1st:
I moved my units to my right side of the battle field lining my engineer up with the Reptilians Wall.
I took a pot shot with the right side spearman but no missed his Blade Dancer.

(note: Left and Right are written from my perspective of the battle field)
(SR = Swamp Reptilians, GD = Guild Dwarves)

Reptilans (Jim) Turn:
Reptilians start of with an Elemental Possession moving his starting wall up to my defender, meanwhile he moves a Druid in range of my left hand Defender.
He Attacks with the Possessed Wall and Druid ... 4 Hits and 2 Defenders are killed before they had a chance to engage *sob* "Those Brave Souls".

Dwarves: Revenge! By the wall killing my Defender it opens the way to the wall for my Engineer. I strike at the Blade Dancer on the Far Right side of the battle field with a Spearman wounding the Blade Dancer, On the other side of the Battle field my other Spearman Kills a Hunter. The engineer must have been tired from running because he only landed a pathetic single hit against the wall "Your Fired!".

Reptilians: Counterstrike! Summons another Blade Dancer and kills the useless engineer. Positions a Druid to take out the spearman who slew the hunter last turn and successfully slays the spearman.

Dwarves: I Summon another Engineer and take another swing at the wall landing a 2. Oldin steps out from behind his wall to shoot at the newly summoned Blade Dancer but only deals one wound .

Reptilians: The Blade Dancer moves up and hits oldin for 1. Another Druid is summoned and moves to my far right wall. Druid attacks my Far right wall and deal 1 . Engineer survives Blade dancer attack.

Dwarves: My Spearman dashes in and helps oldin slay the aggressive Blade Dancer. Engineer attacks wall for 2 .

Reptilians: My Engineer is killed by a double Blade Dancer attack and Oldin fends of a druid with stone melding.

Dwarves: Take the wall down! I play Beseige The Walls, I summon a spearman and position him to the left of the SR Wall and the other spearman moves away from the right hand back corner adjacent to the same wall in between the 2 Blade Dancers.
The first Spearman takes out the wall and the 2nd spearman kills the injured Blade Dancer from the start of the game.

Reptilians: Fall Back! With the only SR wall destroyed Fork Tongue (Summoner of SR) is exposed. the other units are concentrated on the wrong side!!
he quickly repositions but not before...

Dwarves before he can get his summoner to safety I summon Baldar who is good against the remaining 2 Druids. He charges through the gap with a spearman following in his wake. Baldar can reach fork tongue but a well thrown Spear reminds Fork Tongue what pain feels like. Oldin scurries back to the safety of his starting wall.

Reptilians: I need a meat shield! A Blade Dancer intercepts Baldars path to Fork Tongue and kills my Spearman. Fork tongue runs of to the left hand side were its a bit more safe.

The game continues...The SR place a Vine Wall in the left hand side effectively establishing a 2ndry base and quickly summoning The Champion Nevlestah. Baldar runs in and wounds Nevlestah for 1 (scales is a nice ability)
Nevlestah and a Blade Dancer eventually take out Baldar.

This is when the game swings. Now the GD have only Oldin left while the SR have 2 Druids 2/3rds life Nevlestah and 1 Blade dancer.

Do not fear I am abble to recover through building commons to summon commons ( i try to economize my Magic Point spending ussualy but meh)

The SR come back with vengeance and place their 2 walls on the right side to enable quick rushes at Oldin and stop me from controling the Right side of the battle field. I plug any rush tactics with a defender.Fokr Tongue moves into top left corner.

I keep bashing at his defences during which Oldin takes another 2 wounds.
I summon an engineer and defender on the left hand side near his vine wall thats protecting Fork Tongue. The engineer takes down the wall and Nevlestah is forced to run in front of Fork tongue as a sheild. Blade Dancer kills engineer.
Moving Nevlestah is a smart move as i summon Thorkur in the gap were the engineer was and attack Nev instead of my original target Fork Tongue.
My opponent feels its time to see how Oldin likes big Champs... And summons Vraal! (9 life sweet ability, expensive though) But he cant rush Oldin due to the brave defender plugging his way, Vraal attempts a Chomp on the Defender (yes Chomp is a refrence to Grimnak "One of my fav Heroscape units") He rolls a 1 and the defender lives!!!!
Nevlestah Plus Druid Kill Defender and use Thorkurs magic shield buffer.

I summon 2 defenders with reinforcements and heroic feat Thorkur. I kill one druid plus knock Nevlestah down to 1 life. I need to win soon or Vraal is going to eat Oldin!

Nevlestah plus a Druid take out Thorkur "but do not let your hearts be filled with sorrow " Thorkur did his duty. "For The Dwarves!" as his dying battle cry.
The defenders enclose upon Fork Tongue dispatching with Nevlestah who continues to defend his Commander until death.

Vraal eats his way through the defender!! doom aproaches Oldin ... but attack 1st then move sequence prevents Vraal from feasting on Summoner.

The Defender uses a heroic feat and deals 3 to Fork Tongue Killing him with a dice roll.

This was very close and if id missed with a single dice Vraal would have ended the game.

Close down to a Dice Roll...

That is the essence of Summoner Wars!