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Thread: How to Install and Use VASSAL

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    Default How to Install and Use VASSAL

    This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of installing and using VASSAL.

    Installing VASSAL on Windows
    1. Navigate to this page:
    2. Download the installer under the Windows heading
    3. Run the installer
    a. Note: If you do not have Java 5+ installed on your computer for some reason the VASSAL installer will automatically download and install it for you. Being a Java application, VASSAL cannot function without a working version of Java 5+ on your system
    4. VASSAL should now be installed on your system!

    Acquiring and Loading the Summoner Wars Module
    1. Navigate to this page:
    a. In your VASSAL directory (under “Program Files\VASSAL-<version.number>” by default) create a new folder labeled “Modules”
    2. Download the latest module version (currently 2.2) – save it to your “Modules” folder, or another location you won’t forget; place artifacts from 2a and 2b in the same location if you decide to download them
    a. Optionally download the base decks (strongly recommended)
    b. Optionally download SWAuto.vmdx – an extension that auto-sets up each Summoner’s starting setup
    3. Start VASSAL
    4. Click File -> Open Module…
    5. Navigate to your “Modules” folder from step 1 (or the location you downloaded the artifacts from step 2 to)
    6. Select the Summoner Wars module (it will be named “Summoner-Wars-<version.number>.vmod”)
    a. The base decks are loaded from your file system, and will be covered in “Using Summoner Wars on VASSAL” below
    b. To install the Auto-loading module follow these steps:
    i. In the VASSAL main page right click on the “Summoner Wars” module
    ii. Select “Add Extension…”
    iii. Select the location of the SWAuto.vmdx file, it should be in the same location as your Summoner Wars module
    7. The Summoner Wars module should now be present on your VASSAL main page, under “Module Library”!

    Using the Summoner Wars VASSAL Module
    1. After completing the two sections above, open the Summoner Wars Module.
    a. If this is your first time using VASSAL you will be prompted for a user name and password.
    b. The Username is what will be displayed in VASSAL, most users use their PHG forum handle
    c. Your password should be kept private
    2. Once the module has opened you will see a control panel. You are not yet connected to the server.
    3. Click on the button with two arrows on it (one facing right and the other left); alternatively press Alt+S. This will open the “Server Controls” pane.
    4. On the newly opened pane click on the button with two arrows on it (identical to the icon seen in the step above, but on the right side of the screen). This will connect you to the VASSAL server.
    a. Note: VASSAL Legacy Server is the default connection, it is where we play when you hear someone say “I’m playing on VASSAL”; however, there are other types of connections available. You can browse these connections by viewing the button to the left of Connect.
    5. You are now connected to the VASSAL Server and you will be placed in the Main Room
    6. You should see your Username under Main Room to the left will be a chat window, it functions as most typical IM applications.

    Starting a New Game
    1. To start a game you must start a new room. In the “New Game:” field under the “Active Games” pane enter what you’d like to name your new room, keep it appropriate
    2. Start your game by selecting File and then “New Game” from the dropdown menu
    3. The “Choose Side” dialog will appear, select “Summoner One” from the dropdown menu and click “Next >”
    4. The “Choose Board” dialog will appear, select “Single Board (2 Players)” from the dropdown menu and click “Finish”
    5. Back on the “Summoner Wars controls” dialog you’ll see a new button has appeared next to the dice button – it looks like a Summoner Wars mat. Click on this button.
    6. The Summoner Wars mat should appear, you’re almost ready to play!
    7. Right click on the “Summoner Wars” logo (top or bottom) and select “Load”
    8. A dialog should appear allowing you to load decks, navigate to where you placed your Base Decks (“Modules” folder in the VASSAL directory if you followed these instructions) and select a base deck to play.
    9. Set up your Summoner on the top or bottom of the board
    a. If you installed the Auto-Setup tool follow these insturctions:
    i. Click on “Starting Setup” at the top of the map and simply select your Summoner as well as whether you are the top or bottom player on the board. From there the tool will place your Summoner’s starting setup. For example: If I was playing Elien and I was on the top half of the board I would select Phoenix Elves -> Top Elien. The tool would then place Elien’s setup out for me.
    ii. For base decks right click on the loaded deck and “Draw multiple cards”; draw the number of cards in your Summoner’s starting setup and drag them onto the board.
    iii. With all the cards from step ii selected right click them and select “Delete” (or use the hotkey of Ctrl+X) – you do not need these cards as they have been provided by the Auto-Setup tool
    10. After setting up your Summoner right click on the rest of the deck and select “Use this deck”
    11. Right click your deck and select “Shuffle” a few times (hotkeys are Ctrl+UP and Ctrl+DOWN depending on your board position)
    12. Roll your starting dice and start a game of Summoner Wars as usual!
    13. For additional instruction on what buttons do and VASSAL etiquette see below.

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    Does anyone know how to update the Auto-Setup Tool? Beyond my expertise. Thanks!

    I'm working on an update with all setups and event lists, and where units are sleeved according to summoner/faction playing with. For example, under Guild Dwarves you can find a Rune Smith with a Guild Dwarf back; under Tundra Orcs you can find an Ice Golem with a Tundra Orc back; etc. Helps competitive play.
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