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Thread: TableTop Season 3?

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    Default TableTop Season 3?

    Anyone see the picture that was posted on today? Dead of Winter scroll down the post and you'll see the Dead of Winter section and know exactly what I'm talking about.

    Maybe I'm late to the party and everyone has seen this, but I think it was pretty. And even if you've seen the picture, the entire post is pretty fun to read for folks like me who weren't able to make it to GenCon.

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    Wil has posted his intro text for DoW. I think it captures alot of what people's hesitations may be for this game:

    I think I was a freshman or sophomore in high school the first time I saw Dawn of the Dead. It hit me the way certain things can only hit a childís fragile, eggshell mind: it was gory, and disturbing, and pretty scary. It also made me wonder what I would do if I found myself in the zombie apocalypse. Would it really be living if I spent the rest of my life trapped inside a mall? At what point does surviving cease to be living? Why am I asking myself incredibly complex and difficult philosophical questions, instead of playing The Legend of Zelda?

    Dawn of the Dead piqued my interest in George A. Romeroís version of the zombie apocalypse, and I devoured ó sorry ó Night of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead, and even Return of the Living Dead. For many years, I was a zombie fiend. In fact, every Halloween from 16 to 30, I was some version of a zombie. I wrote stories about zombies, I read stories about zombies, and if there was something with a zombie in it, it was on my wish list.

    But sometime in the last few years, we hit Peak Zombie, and the truth is: Iím kind of over it. The Living Dead are rarely a metaphor for consumerism, conformity, militarization, and complacency. In much of popular culture, zombies are little more than cannon fodder and background noise in corporate entertainment thatís rushed to cash in on the publicís insatiable ó some may say zombie-like ó hunger for stories that pit a scrappy band of human survivors against a relentless, endless, faceless mob of interchangeable, shambling bad guys.

    But every now and then, something breaks through the fortified wall of hardened, Hipster cynicism Iíve built around my survival compound, and reminds me that we keep returning to stories where zombies are threatening our very existence because even if the undead arenít explicitly standing in for some profound and specific commentary on our modern world, they can, in fact, stand in for time, age, hunger, despair, and every existential threat we worry about when the night is darkest, and we canít find the light.

    Today on Tabletop, Dodger Leigh, Grant Imahara, and Ashley Johnson are here to explore a game that puts us right in the middle of the depths of our fears, during the worst of the zombie apocalypse. As if staying alive and pushing back the undead wasnít hard enough, one of us may very well be working against the rest of us, to ensure that none of us make it through the DEAD OF WINTER.

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    And here it is: Braaaaaaiiinnnns
    Uncleeurope was Hulgorad the Sad in RALLUL'S BANQUET
    Uncleeurope was The Seer who Drank too Much Beer in The Great Marsh
    Uncleeurope was Prince Elien the Felon in The 12 Masks of the Summoner
    Uncleeurope was Matt E. the Fatty in The Dance of Devils

    In other news, CUSTOMS!
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    Sam Farthen is OP
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    He just rams in, his games last 5 turns...tops

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    Grant Imahara?! I LOVE him

    Also, I love that Ellie from The Last of Us (Ashley Johnson) is playing DoW. It's totally appropriate.
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    Great episode. Definitely one of my favorites so far. Now I just need to find a place to buy the game at normal prices so my gaming group can play...

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