Marek can put two abilities on any given champ. One underneath it and another from Marek’s ability. Here’s what I think will be the best two on each champ.

Biter – Retribution, Marked target: Can’t move anyway so might as well be a pain to hit, was good anti champ made even better

Kreep – Escape, Blitz: Can pick target better then Biter making Blitz more practical then escape from the cowardice

Sand Wyrm – Flee, Blitz: Can get into sneaky areas with tunnel for better blitzing, you can’t surround and pound sand wyrm with flee, he can tunnel away

Silts – Swift, Flee: Movement tricks with swift get better, the limitation of grater sneak might hamper silts synergy so swift is preferred, flee can help keep the best champ in the game alive

Stink – Camouflage, Flee: maximize his life for more luck

Trak- Camouflage, Marked target: Harder for enemy to use flanking commons to hit Tark, take down that champ faster

Dagger – Greater sneak, Marked target: 6 dice on a champ, BAMM

Doc - Camouflage, Flee: protect the medic

Hawk – Escape, Flee, Hawk strike spam

Kyra – Far shot, Camouflage, Extend the range and protect the cannon

Scam – Far shot, Swift super versatile

Sin-Sin – Escape, Blitz Is blitz charm a thing?

Spider - Greater sneak, Marked target: Super Assentation

The Admiral – Swift, Flee Keep the damage sink in range of his loved ones

Violet – Far Shot, Flee, Big AOE attack then run away when you get hit

When deciding what champs and commons to put in Mareks deck it will be important to think about which ones all benefit from the same event abilities so one of them can be placed under Marek to optimize Master Teacher. Of course this will vary depending on who your facing. Put marked target on a unit every turn will be awesome when facing one of the big three.

What do others think?