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Thread: Thanks PHG!

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    Default Thanks PHG!

    I know you guys are mostly all attending GenCon at the moment, but I wanted to give all of you (PHG proper, family and community) who helped prep all the boxes for shipping a HUGE thank you for busting your butts to get this game out to us!

    I ordered mine back in January and every minute of that wait was worth it! The game is so much fun!!

    Thank you all!!

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    On behalf of everyone else, you are incredibly welcome!

    Thank you for ordering!

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    While I've been playing video games for over 30 years now, I've only recently started playing board games. I happened upon Dead of Winter thanks to YouTube. I was so excited to purchase the game but saddened to find it was backordered. Wanting to get in line so that I could acquire my copy as soon as possible, I placed my order via PHG's online store. I was very blessed to be one of the lucky people to get my copy of the game without having to wait months for it. But enough background. Why am I saying thanks? Because when I received my copy of Dead of Winter, not only was I impressed with its build quality, I was also met with a surprise. PHG had included the Kodiak Colby promo pack, even though I had not officially "pre-ordered" the game. I thought it extremely classy of PHG and I wanted to be added to the large group of others who appreciate their efforts and good customer service. I'm very impressed, PHG, and I'm not impressed that often. Thank you. Thank you, very much.

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    I spent so much time on this.On our first play through, on the very first turn, my Lovely Partner rolled two consecutive "bite" rolls on the exposure dice, killing both of her survivors instantly. Talk about bad luck!
    As it turned out, it came down to the last turn and we ALMOST won the game... except that she was a betrayer, so the "bad" rolls in the beginning might have actually helped save the colony later

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