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Thread: Standee Storage

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    I use an organizer from hobby lobby for this one and leave the bases mounted. I usually use Plano boxes, (plastic organizers used for fishing tackle, nut & bolts, and craft projects) They have customizable dividers and are cheap at WalMart, Home Depot etc. They in my experience they protect the pieces very well, close so that carrying orientation doesn't spill things all over the box, and reduce setup & teardown time immensely. Often I will replace even a good insert with one eventually. In this case, the organizer from hobby lobby was easier to fit the large amount of standees in and had rounded bottoms; that's very helpful when fishing out the last tokens from the bottom.

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    I sort by gender too but Kodiak Colby always migrates in with the ladies when the lid is on.
    Hilarious! I love it.

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