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    I got my copy on Saturday and we managed to play a game last night. We had a lot of fun. *Warning, mild spoilers of cards in the game*

    We played with 6 people because everyone wanted to give it a try. I'm not sure if that unbalances it one way or another really. We didn't get to start out with as many cards but we did have more people to search and fight (we played the kill zombies mission).

    We seemed to have a lot of really bad luck. The first crisis was one where we needed 6 fuel. One of our players' turns he managed to get both his starting characters bitten while traveling! We managed to succeed at the first crisis but then the 2nd one was another 6 fuel one! That made it pretty much impossible. We came close to succeeding but in the process lost some more people and then ended up losing the scenario once we resolved the crisis, lol. We found out later that had we used a fuel can (we only had 4), we could have saved ourselves an exposure roll and might have prevented a loss and thus saved the game.

    We decided to keep playing for a little bit just because we were all still learning the game and didn't have time to start another one. The rest of the game went fairly smoothly and thanks to some great rolls against zombies we managed to win the scenario. One of the players was a betrayer but she actually had to try and help the group most of the time since we kept killing ourselves, lol. She was trying to collect items but had to try and make the game go on longer, lol. Of course we had no clue that she was a betrayer.

    The one player that lost both his characters right away was quite frustrated because he lost his opening hand of cards in his first turn, and his secret objective was to gather a ton of stuff. He felt as though it took him out of the game. I felt as though he could have taken the opportunity to start trying to screw over the whole group. Like "well if I can't win then nobody can!" kind of mentality. I think it would have been very thematic and would have been interesting. We ended up not having enough either way but it could have been fun. Plus, the betrayer may have wanted to have someone to help sabotage the group.

    But in the end we all had a fun time. Some of the crossroad cards were really entertaining and a lot of triggers were very unexpected. We are trying to figure out the best way to read the crossroad cards to make it suspenseful but haven't figure out a good way yet. We are really looking forward to playing the game more.

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    I've already played with a couple buddies and all loved it. I'm just sitting down now to play with my wife, who is not a gamer and doesn't care for zombies. But I told her about the Crossroads cards and the story factor and she said she was willing to give it a shot. Wish me luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamjuven View Post
    One of our players' turns he managed to get both his starting characters bitten while traveling!
    Ouch, that's terrible!

    Me and my brothers just got in our first game last night, and (luckily) nobody rolled the bite effect for most of the game.

    I gotta say, this game is pure awesomeness! We played with five players and the normal rules, though we skipped on going with the suggested Main Objective and went with a random Main Objective instead. I got dealt one of the non-betrayal Secret Objectives that seemed pretty easy (just hold a couple different cards when the Main Objective is completed), and a couple cool characters. The first round was slow as we were all figuring it out, but things seemed to be going well for the colony: we'd stocked up on food, people had spread out and started gathering supplies with minimal damage taken, and we had had 7 cards played to help with the Crisis; things looked great, right? And then we shuffled and revealed the cards put in for the Crisis... 4 of them were the wrong types, giving us a score of negative 1! Needless to say, I immediately knew we had at least 2 traitors among us. From there on out, things just got worse. We were never able to stop a Crisis card because it was repeatedly sabotaged by the traitors, and the traitors seemed to have the best characters and equipment, and were hording all the medicine cards (which we needed to complete the Main Objective). We thankfully never had to deal with the Waste Pile getting too full (one of the other players ended up clearing it at least once every round), and we only starved once, but our moral just kept creeping down regardless. One of the traitor's first Crossroad Card got him a horse, but the stupid thing just kept eating all our food. There were a lot of fun and interesting Crossroad Cards that came up, and thankfully we were generally able to use them to boost moral. What ended up ending the game was me calling for a vote to exile one of the players I knew was a traitor; the vote passed and he was exiled; but, in the process of moving his characters out of the colony, they both got hit by the bitten roll! And since, at this point, our moral was at 3, the numerous deaths caused by the bites dropped it to zero quickly (actually, we had the exiled character deaths lower moral, it wasn't until this morning that we realized the rules don't work that way; however, the bite affect would have almost assuredly spread and ended the game or at least brought it close anyways). With such an unexpected end, none of the players won since none of us had completed our Secret Objective. And, as it turned out, we had 3 traitors on the team, which left me and the other non-traitor outnumbered; we really had no hope all along of completed the Main Objective.

    Despite the loss, we all enjoyed the game a ton. This game drips with theme, and it led to lots of funny moments and great role-playing. The depths to Dead of Winter is stunning, offering so many decisions and tough choices, and all without making the game feel too busy. I absolutely can't wait to try it again... hopefully this time we get less traitors in the group.

    EDIT: turns out, by the base rules, you're only supposed to deal in one Betrayal Objective card total, not one per player.

    Still, it was an awesome experience, and the added threat of additional traitors can really spice up the game. Might make for a fun house-rule/game variant.
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