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Thread: I Finally Got It!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aDougcalledBen View Post
    That's why you have to get these frosted dice!

    I keep them in the box to play with this game and they are definitely much better than the stock dice!

    Those are some nice dice.

    But really I'm fine with the dice because if their size.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Khayzhard View Post
    Colgha, the Fern Magician
    Champion of the Rulebreakers
    Cost 6 AV 2 (bow) LP 4
    Master Ritualist
    As long as Colgha is on the Battlefield, Perpetual Events played by you cost 1 additional Magic Card to discard, AND, you can have 2 Perpetual Events in play at a time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Uncleeurope View Post
    I am attempting to understand how it could be taken that I would, in any scenario, even THINK about making fun of Colgha. Who happens to be one of my favorite companions.

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    I have played 3 games so far

    a 2 player Co-Op
    a 5 player Co-op
    a 3 player Non-Co-op

    All of them were great.
    Uncleeurope was Hulgorad the Sad in RALLUL'S BANQUET
    Uncleeurope was The Seer who Drank too Much Beer in The Great Marsh
    Uncleeurope was Prince Elien the Felon in The 12 Masks of the Summoner
    Uncleeurope was Matt E. the Fatty in The Dance of Devils

    In other news, CUSTOMS!
    Quote Originally Posted by I LIKE TAU!
    As for what I hate most: ... Uncleeurope.
    Quote Originally Posted by killercactus View Post
    Sam Farthen is OP
    Quote Originally Posted by Waterd View Post
    He just rams in, his games last 5 turns...tops

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    Has anyone in the UK gotten a copy yet, because I was e-mailed about two weeks ago from their UK distributor that my copy was about to ship to me, gave the right address for shipping, and I've heard nothing since, either in the mail or an e-mail giving me tracking details? I can't find anything about it in the spam folder, so I'm wondering if this is a weird anomaly that's just impacting me, or if no-one has gotten their copies in the UK yet.

    ETA: And, literally hours after making that post, I get a dispatch notification. Go figure.
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    We played our first gane last nught, with myself as the only winner. We ousted the betrayer quickly do to an error on his part. He contributed food to a fuel crisis, but one of his food cards was from the school deck and he was the only player at the school. We came close to losi g from 3 instablnt kilm exposure dice but we won it out at the end

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