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    Default Elizabeth Movement Clarification

    When using Elizabeth Timeline no.1, the world event card "Rise Up!" is revealed and influence voting proceeds. The card has a Elizabeth's icon, but not Booker's. After the result of the voting takes effect (or not), it is time to move Elizabeth down the track and resolve her timeline action. Currently she is at Location 8 and is controlled by the Vox Populi as Booker is off the board.

    The timeline action reads "Elizabeth tries to open a tear but it is too powerful for her to control. Place a destruction marker on the space Elizabeth is on."

    That's simple enough. We destroy all the Vox units and structures on Location 8, but then our question arises: what happens next? Does Elizabeth stay on the destroyed location or move off the board? If she stays, Booker must then move to her, but since Location 8 is now destroyed he would move to Location 7, and I assume she would come with him. But is that action considered rescuing her? Is Booker now aggressive to Location 7?

    Or when Elizabeth destroys Location 8 does she move off the board? In this case Booker would then move to the Location listed on "Rise Up!", which is 11. Would she move with him? If not how would she ever reenter the board? If she does move with him is Booker aggressive or not?

    I believe there are also timeline scenarios where Elizabeth is supposed to move to Booker when he might not be in play. We're not entirely sure how to resolve those either, but the way we've been playing for now is that Elizabeth, once entering the game may go off the board but will always come back with a non-aggressive Booker. Is this right?

    I'd appreciate any clarification we could get on this situation.
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